Timed out message on Mozilla browser

  VINCENTINPRESTON 18:23 09 Sep 2003

Hi readers,
I have just installed the Mozilla browser to give it a check out.This product has had a favourable review in P.C.Utilities.
The problem is that when I type in a url I keep getting a Alert message which says "The operation timed out whilst connecting to say click here
Currently running windows X.p with IExplorer, so any help would be appreciated
and I have checked on everything that I know without success. thanks vin

  WaiKent 18:26 09 Sep 2003

mayeb your settings or security, im not familiar with mozilla, but does it do the same thing with internet explorer or some other browser. if the answer is yes i think you should go through your settings of security and stuff like that.

  VINCENTINPRESTON 18:35 09 Sep 2003

No problems at all if I switch back to microsoft Internet browser,pages load up without any probs?

  SEASHANTY 21:20 09 Sep 2003

Surprising. I use Mozilla almost all the time and recently updated from Version 1.2 to 1.4. It has never timed out on me yet although I have NTL 600k BB so the sites load up very fast. Check that I.E. is NOT set as your default browser and also look at the preference settings in Mozilla. I always find its the other way round and its I.E.6 which causes me problems.

  bruno 22:44 09 Sep 2003

I have used Mozilla for a couple of years and never had a time out.I downloaded it(and all the subsequent updates) and I use the default settings.I have not made it my default browser,using IE6.

  VINCENTINPRESTON 23:22 09 Sep 2003

thanks bruno and seashanty,
My problem is not with connection speed, at least I hopenot.I have no access to broadband and my 56k dialup has never given me any trouble.On IE all pages are loading ok, but on Mozilla I cannot connect to any web site and just keep getting a timed-out alert.
I am running xp witha Pentium 3 800mz and 256ram
so my hardware is sufficient.So I need more imput on where to look on my system to see what I can do to improve matters.

  easyrider66 02:38 10 Sep 2003


Just a thought do you run a firewall, have you allowed it access?


  SEASHANTY 12:24 10 Sep 2003

That was a brilliant suggestion. Of course you are correct. If you don't allow the Mozilla browser access to the net it cannot load any web pages. Also
I remember when Mozilla was first installed my OnTrack Net Defence firewall came up with a window asking if I wanted to allow Mozilla to access the net.

  VINCENTINPRESTON 19:53 10 Sep 2003

Well what can I say but thanks very much.Easyrider 66, Went into my firewall and unticked IE, then bingo Mozilla opened up without a hitch.Thanks to all and a Big thanks to Easyrider.

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