Time wasting games

  fullyfitted 21:20 23 Feb 2004

click here

Those among us with twisted illogical minds might find this will kill an hour or two !

  byfordr 15:33 25 Feb 2004

I managed to escape...not a bad way to waste a bit of time!

  Indigo 1 16:47 25 Feb 2004

I got as far as the safe but gave up.

It took me an hour to find it !

What is the code ?

Is it somewhere in the room or is it trial and error ?

  Rennaissance 17:07 25 Feb 2004

lol look on the bit of paper, played this two days ago. It is strange it shows up here, didnt know it was so well known.

  TBH1 21:29 25 Feb 2004

this was drivin me nuts last night - - -got as far as the ring in that funny little box, and the stick thingy in it then, - - -begger all, couldn't find owt else

  tulix 23:13 25 Feb 2004

give me a clue ive found 3 keys cable cd case and note. the red box 2 rings and the tape now im stuck

  TBH1 23:37 25 Feb 2004

tulix - -2 rings ??/ Tape ??? where you get them from ??? I'll swap you the stick thingy for a ring - - - stick thingy behind the mattress under the pillow - - -

  tulix 23:42 25 Feb 2004

found it got out

  Indigo 1 00:11 26 Feb 2004

Nope, still stuck on the safe combination :(

Damned fiendish game ....

  AcidBurn7uk 00:28 26 Feb 2004

Got the tape, the bar and one ring, wheres the other!!

oh, and box!

  woody147 01:22 26 Feb 2004

I guess you didn't do as Rennaissance suggested then :-)

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