Time Warranty Repair and Missing RAM

  nodrog2 20:26 02 Oct 2003

I recently had to send my Tower Unit back to Time for repair under warranty and it was eventually returned to me with a new motherboard installed.

The problem I have is that the old motherboard had 256 Megabytes of RAM installed whereas the replacement only has 128 Megabytes. Repeated requests to Time to replace the missing RAM, have fallen on deaf ears.

The matter is further complicated by the fact that Time have given me a 1700 megahertz processor on the new motherboard whereas my old processor was only 900 megahertz.

Am I within my rights to pursue Time for the missing RAM or should I be content with them having increased my processor speed? In other words, does the increased processor speed have a greater monetary value than the missing RAM?

  MAJ 20:32 02 Oct 2003

I would be happy with the upgrade, nodrog2, £20 will get you another 128MB of RAM, it wouldn't have bought you the upgrade.

  overseers 20:37 02 Oct 2003

i would say that if you send your pc for repair under warranty and they upgraded your cpu to a higher speed it is up to them but as your pc should have 256 of ram they should return your pc with same amount of ram that is there in the first place. Example in house content insurance if your insurance company have to replace an item under new for old agreement , if they can not found the same, they have to replace it with something with the same spec or higher.
Thus times still owns you 128 of ram.

  Rtus 22:15 02 Oct 2003

Im inclined to go with MAJ at the end of the day its not a bad trade off , Depending on how long you actually had the machine before failure etc And you may even have DDR installed instead of the older Sdram.( depending on the New Mobo of course)..

  nodrog2 08:03 03 Oct 2003

Many thanks for the replies so far, anyone else got a view on this?

  AndySD 08:39 03 Oct 2003

Go to the thread and Scroll Down to "Time Group - Chris" click on the envelople next to the name and write a concise message to him outlining the problem. I am sure he will deal with it for you.

  User-312386 08:47 03 Oct 2003

i would let "sleeping dogs lie"

you have been given a higher spec CPU

i would not persue this

i would go out and buy another 128 of ram myself and leave it

  MAJ 08:47 03 Oct 2003

Chris wont, AndySD, I think he left TIME at the beginning of the week, but he did say there would be someone monitoring the forum, he never said who, though.

  AndySD 08:57 03 Oct 2003

Thanks MAJ

I have been moving house so I missed that.


  nodrog2 22:31 06 Oct 2003

Has anyone from Time made their presence known on this forum yet following the departure of Chris?

  MAJ 00:58 07 Oct 2003

The Time representative will probably hang out on the Consumerwatch forum click here rather than on this forum, nodrog2, if you post in there, you'll probably get a reply.

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