time to upgrade components - help please

  mags65 16:46 07 May 2008

My power supply blew a few weeks ago so i bought a new one but no joy. power runs and cpu fan etc spins but nothing appears at all on the monitor and i can only hear a very faint beep after i switch it on. I presume therefore that it has damaged the motherboard, graphics card, cpu etc or all of them. I have decided that i will upgrade my pc as it hasn't been done in a few years and i would like to be able to play the latest games. Things have chenged a bit in that short time and the processors are a bit confusing. would like to be able to have plenty memory and a decent graphics card for the latest games and a good mobo without totally breaking the bank. was considering upgrading graphics card to x1950 pro agp until this happened so would you advise i go for the same one but pci express. any advice/info on components would be gratefully appreciated.Iknow my hard drive is ok cos i tried it in the kids comp. would i be able to just plug this in to a new set up so that i don't lose all my stuff. its a decent drive and i really don't want to buy a new one at the moment if i don't have to. also it has XP installed, will this be compatible with new mobo, graphics, memory etc.

  johndrew 20:27 07 May 2008

Have a look click here they are offering the option of XP on many of their PCs or you could buy a barebones click here and try your drives, etc., in it.

  Ditch999 20:47 07 May 2008

Your hard drive could be set as slave and act as an extra storage drive but you will not be able to use it to boot another PC due to MSs licensing terms and the fact that your new motherboard will require completely different drivers. By the time you buy the individual components and a new OS (unless MS agree to change the PC upon which your copy of XP can be installed - doubtful) you will find that you can buy a preconfigured one cheaper. Check out Dell.

  mags65 12:52 08 May 2008

This hard drive issue is a bit confusing. I took the HDD out of the broken computer and plugged it into the kids comp and it booted up ok. The windows and writing etc were a bit on the large side but once i had adjusted the settings it seemed to be fine. not really understanding why i can't use it again. it was a self build to begin with and i bought the os with the hdd it was an oem version. i suppose at least i know i can get the docs and photos off it that i need so no biggy if i need to replace the os system. i take it i could by a oem vista and do a clean install on my old hdd if i want to. excuse my ignorance of things computing but i am a granny and my brain finds it difficult to keep up.

  OK Computer 13:08 08 May 2008

Yep, I think you could go for OEM Vista. It's strange that all your drivers worked when you plugged your hd into your kids PC. By chance do they both use the same mobo or graphics card? Regardless of whether you keep the hard drive or not, I'd be looking at performing a clean install once you get your new PC. A) Because Microsoft would legally expect a newly bought copy of Windows (presuming you bought OEM in the fist place) and B) Because you'll have a whole host of drivers installed that won't work and it would all be a bit messy.

  mags65 17:21 09 May 2008

thanks for the help on this subject. need to give some thought to whether i should build or buy.
what type of graphics card am i looking for if i buy a ready made system? also cpu types are different to the last time i bought one. which would you recommend. i would like to play the most recent games on occasion.

  citadel 18:34 09 May 2008

the latest core 2 duo e8400 or e8500, £126 and £192 or from the previous gen the excellent core 2 quad q6600 go slacr, that easily overclocks to 3.4 or 3.6. also has had a price cut to £136.

  mags65 23:05 09 May 2008

big thanks for your help. think i might stick with doing one myself cos i quite enjoy the sense of achievement when it starts up for the first time.

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