TIME / TINY extremely poor service!

  User-87C812D6-0489-484F-A34F1EA4EACCAEF6 16:44 25 Jul 2003

I bought a Laptop from Tiny Direct online a while ago, with no extended warranty. On the 13th month, my Tiny Laptop ceased to operate [December 2002]! This was caused by cooling fan fault within the laptop.
I contacted the Tiny Technical support who sent me a faulty fanplate which was everything around the fan, but NOT the cooling fan!!!

I continually contacted Tiny about the wrong part and about the Cooling Fan which I required. I have been contacting Tiny regularly since the problems started and 7 months later, I still do not have a replacement cooling fan.

One of the staff replied saying that the manager said that "Laptop parts are not supplied to customers". Regarding this reply, I was confused because why did they supply me with the faulty fanplate before however refuse to send me the correct parts now?

In this event, we've spent:
a) 7 months without a computer to use
b) Around £100 of telephone bills to Tiny

Is this fair trade? Can anybody help solve this?

Thanks, Kin Wong

  bremner 16:54 25 Jul 2003

Is this not your existing thread with a different title? click here

  Xevious 16:57 25 Jul 2003

shouldn't this be in the ConsumerWatch forum???

  Magik ®© 17:10 25 Jul 2003

to add my bit, do you not, in this life get what you pay for? to save a few pennies then wake up in the cold grey light of morning and realize you have done a wrong un......

you can not really expect Tiny to be the same as Evesham.. or a Binatone TV to be like a Sony. best to pay the extra and get better quality parts, than a load of cheap rubbish.....

ok sermon over.............

this is already in ConsumerWatch forum!! Thanks. Well someone said to try and catch the attention of the TIME representative, so I sent it with the title saying TIME.

I really want to get the problem solved so I hope you can understand my confusion.

Thanks, Kin Wong

reply to "Magik" Get my monies worth? I think that when I bought the Laptop it was quite expensive already. £1300. I think I'm not getting my monies worth.

  Magik ®© 18:09 25 Jul 2003

do Tiny need vast loads of money to fix it? maybe the time has come to get a quote....

or has that been done?

Well a cooling fan doesn't cost much.

but the problem is that Tiny Laptop's cooling fan was designed to be used in a Tiny so it cannot be easily bought.

  Magik ®© 18:29 25 Jul 2003

sorry Kin, i meant how much do Tiny want to take it in and sort it out.....

they want me to pay £300 for the extended warrantee! so basically "no warranty, no parts"! Which I don't think is right! Do you agree?

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