Time for some Comments please

  Proclaimer 14:49 11 Oct 2010

click here for the site I have been working on for my friend.

Can you let me know which Browser and Screen Resolutions you are using too please.

  Proclaimer 16:56 11 Oct 2010

No need to apologise fourm member, I know you mean well.

I have addressed may of the points you brought up but I can't see any trailing 'C' after the closing </html> tags on I presume the home page or the about page.

Galleries will slow down once 'new' images arrive. That of course is all up to the photographer as is the actual choice of images. I am aware I have some responsibility for them, but I have decided to limit that to number of images rather than the actual images.

Thanks for the info.

  Proclaimer 16:58 11 Oct 2010

I forgot to say, the About Me page has this for the robots...
<meta name="description" content="Marielle Newton Pgotography-Professional Photographer ">

About Me is (I think) only seen by people.

  Proclaimer 18:16 11 Oct 2010

'For every one person who leaves because a 200Kb image takes a few seconds to display, you'll retain several who are wowed by the improved quality of the rendering.'

Interesting Point, I wonder what others think.

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