time sheet problem

  ca 21:15 31 May 2003

Can anyone help me i am using Excel XP pro and my problem is that i have link 4 worksheet together (my Time sheet for a month) every thing works until i try to add all the weeks together. I formatted the cell to hh:mm:ss but instead of giving me 157.30 hrs it gave me 2:37:30 please tell me what i am doing wrong

  jazzypop 21:20 31 May 2003

Trt to format the result cell to hh:mm

It looks as if it has divided 157:30 by 60 (minutes) to give 2 hours, 37 min and 30 sec

  ca 21:25 31 May 2003

did try this nothing happened just the same tried hh:mm:ss, hh:mm,

  Roland Butter 21:30 31 May 2003

I might be asking the obvious, but are you typing : between the hours and mins?

  ca 21:33 31 May 2003


  jazzypop 22:39 31 May 2003

1. Are all the 'feeder' cells formatted the same? (the cells that provide the daily/weekly subtotals)

2. Is the final total cell formatted the same as the feeder cells?

  ca 23:59 31 May 2003

Thanks every one have now worked out it was down to the way i was inputting the information many thanks

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