Time sheet in Excel

  Ian 13:05 04 Sep 2004

I'm trying to create a time sheet that will calculate between two times e.g. 13:10 and 16:25.
Then add these times up to give a total.
Does anyone have a formula that will work?

  VoG II 13:12 04 Sep 2004

With 13:10 in A1 and 16:25 in B1 then in C1


will give you the difference (3:15). You need to format C1 as Time if Excel does not do this automatically.

The problem that you will have is correctly displaying the sum of these if the total exceeds 24 hours. To display correctly, click in the totals cell, Format/Cells. In the left hand pane click custom and for the custom format enter


  pj123 14:07 04 Sep 2004

I have a timesheet I made in Excel when I was working, (retired now). I can email it to you if you want to try it? It is 68K.

  TonyV 14:30 04 Sep 2004

Ian, I too, have a Time Sheet that I created in Excel. It is very simple, and basically uses the smae principle that VoG™ suggests above. You have to make sure that the cells are formatted for time, then complete the sum of the hours spent in the day to give the totals during the week. If you like I too can send a copy to you via e mail.

  pj123 16:18 04 Sep 2004

There you go mate. Two offers already of a ready made Timesheet. Give them both a try. No offence if you don't use mine.

  john-192629 17:40 04 Sep 2004

hi ive read the recent threads and would it possible i could have a copy of the file .im trying to create my own as im studying formulas in exceland im trying to recreate the same kind of ideas.thanx

  TonyV 20:09 04 Sep 2004

leightontrading. Copy of mine sent to you this evening. It may be of use to you!

  Ian 21:48 04 Sep 2004

pj123 and TonyV. Copies of your time sheets would be gratefully recieved. I tried to email you both, not sure if they worked as an error came up.


  VoG II 21:48 04 Sep 2004

Via e-mail

A copy of your time sheet would be great. I will be away until Monday, so will let you know how i get on with it then. Thanks, Ian


Sorry, it was not me that offered a file. Try one of the others. Thanks.


You will learn much more by doing this yourself.

  Ian 21:51 04 Sep 2004

Sorry VoG™,Got the wrong email

  Ian 21:52 04 Sep 2004

Sorry VoG™,Got the wrong email

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