Time to replace it..?

  Horta 17:46 31 May 2004

Er, s'cuse me,
My present pc is a 4 year old Panrix (remember them?)750Mhz Athlon Thunderbird with 30Gb HD, 384Mb RAM (I added a bit..) and Windows 98SE. I had considered upgrading to a 1.2GHz 18 months ago but never got around to it after discovering that the MSI motherboard might become a wee bit temperamental if you messed about with it. We have a number of games, a webcam, audio editing software etc running on the system and although I regularly optimize and defrag it I'm starting to notice freezes & error messages popping up, the latest being Windows Explorer stating it has committed a fatal error etc. Closing it means a loss of all toolbars and a required reboot, with often the same thing happening again.
Bearing in mind it's age should I perservere and attempt to rectify it could it be the beginning of old age and should I consider replacing it with say a Mesh "configure your own" box?
I don't really need to upgrade speakers, screen, printer etc and any of the Mesh models set aside for customer configuration would be a vast upgrade on the Panrix.

All opinions greatly appreciated of course and although it's been 18 months since I posted here I wonder if "chrisaug", "Winston Churchill", "Lú-tzé" and "Djohn" are still regular contributors?


  Stuartli 17:54 31 May 2004

Cheapest way could be just to switch to XP - I only have a 400MHz Celeron and a five-year-old Elite P6BXT-A+ mobo (original Bios), but the basic setup works well and happily with XP Pro and I've never had any blue screens etc since the switch about six to seven months ago.

In fact I've almost missed the constant battle to keep Windows 98 and then 98SE working smoothly, as well as keep up with the constant critical updates etc...:-)

  Horta 18:19 31 May 2004

Thanks Stuartli, the credit card card might yet be spared....

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:21 31 May 2004

You could always reformat and save yourself some cash.


  Rayuk 18:52 31 May 2004

If you havnt reinstalled Win98 since youve had it would agree a reformat and reinstal would be a good option.

If you do want to try XP make sure all of your hardware has drivers for XP first.

  Totally-braindead 19:00 31 May 2004

I agree with the others, if your PC does all you want at the moment and all thats putting you off is the crashing then a format and a reinstall of windows would solve your crashing problems. The longer you wait before getting a newer PC the more you will get for your cash and if the computer does all you want then you don't need to upgrade. Save your cash just now.

  Horta 19:10 31 May 2004

Gandalf, reformatting's quite straightforward or are there risks?

  VoG II 19:11 31 May 2004

A couple of guides click here

click here?

  Horta 19:21 31 May 2004

Other than the crashes I'd be happy to keep it running until it totally croaks and if I apply proper housekeeping and do regular back up's etc I shouldn't really lose too much. As you say the longer I wait the more I will eventually get for the cash. My only concern is that I correctly undertake the reformatting / reinstalling windows or upgrading to XP. Think I'll wait a while though until my son's finished using it for exam related coursework! Rayuk, it's had one reinstallation of Window's following an earlier problem whereby the repair got out of hand by a well meaning techy.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:21 31 May 2004

Providing you have an original CD or restore disk formatting is easy. You will have to save any documents etc. that you need as the reformat will erase everything. It will take the computer back to the day that you bought it and it will run like a whippet on steroids. Post details of your operating system and you will be guided through an easy process.


  Horta 19:57 31 May 2004

W98SE 4.10.2222.A ??

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