Is Time Reload Backup CD Needed for Recovery?

  WGW 15:35 13 Oct 2003

A friend recently encountered problems with his Time PC. At boot up there was a registry error message followed by various error messages that appeared once Windows ME had loaded.
On contacting Time customer support he was asked to go into the BIOS settings and reset them to the default settings. He was then asked to go into safe mode but could get no further than the scandisk screen which had frozen up. The Time support person said that he could go no further without purchasing a "Reload Backup CD" at £60 a shot and left it at that.
The PC in question, will not even boot up into the desktop now, as it did before. Is there any other way around this problem or can the CD in question be purchased elsewhere at a more reasonable price? Even if he does have to buy the CD will it gaurantee full recovery for his PC?
Also, will he lose all the files he had on his PC?

  spikeychris 15:46 13 Oct 2003

If this is WinME then does your friend not have the reload disk? if not you could try a system restore without opening Windows...

Start the machine by using the Windows Me Startup disk.

At the Startup menu, choose Minimum Boot.

At the command prompt, type edit c:\windows\system.ini,

press enter.

Edit the shell= line so that it looks like this:


Press ALT+F, and then press S to save the changes to the System.ini file.

Press ALT+F, and then press X.

Remove your Windows Me Startup disk, and then restart .

When the machine restarts, Program Manager should start.

On the File menu, click Run, type msconfig in the Command Line box, and then press enter.
Click Launch System Restore and go back .

  pepe 15:50 13 Oct 2003

I would be inclined to purchase a full copy of the OS required, and re-install that way. At least you can reformat and re-install at will. I think Time should have supplied you with a recovery disk at time of purchase, it seems incredibly mead not to do so. Try posting on the consumer forum to see if there is a Time Comuters Monitor there.

  Rayuk 18:35 13 Oct 2003

I would be inclined to follow spikeychriss suggestion first as I know it works as I used his advise to recover a workmates system for him.

  WGW 00:28 14 Oct 2003

Thanks for your help folks. I've spoken to my friend and he says he only recieved a 'Works 2000 CD' and a 'System & Driver CD'. Unless the latter software disk allows us to follow your procedures Spikeychris, I guess the only other option is to purchase the Reload Backup CD. It does seem a bit of an expense though, and there's no guarantee that it will solve the problem. We won't be able to work on the PC in question for a wee while but when we do I'll keep you posted. In the meantime I'll take your advice Pepe and check out the consumer's forum.

  Rayuk 17:12 14 Oct 2003

Why do you not make an ME start up disk and follow instructions from spikeychris

click here

  spikeychris 20:28 14 Oct 2003

WGW, as Rayuk has said you don't need any other disks. Follow the link provided by Rayuk and download a Win98 boot disk, save it to floppy and boot from it...

  WGW 13:45 30 Oct 2003

I downloaded the ME startup disk from the recommended site and started the PC up with it. The message that appeared "Non system disk or disk error. Replace and strike any key when ready", basically prevented me from using it.

We later discovered a startup disk that had been made on his PC a few months previously and this allowed us the option of a "Minimal Boot".
At the A:\> prompt I typed in the "edit c:\windows\system.ini" as suggested, but only got a "Bad Command" message.

Can ayone see where I might be going wrong or if this is indeed a lost cause. What does everyone think would be the best way forward - 1)Purchase Startup CD and hope for the best 2)Take PC to a shop that may be able to repair it or 3)Something else that I haven't tried yet.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  spikeychris 14:50 30 Oct 2003

Thats ME for you, sometimes works sometimes doesn't.

Type this instead.

c:\windows\command\edit c:\windows\system.ini

  woodchip 15:15 30 Oct 2003

The system disc should put it back on it's feet if run

  WGW 18:20 30 Oct 2003

This might seem like a daft question, but do I type the "c:\windows\command\edit c:\windows\system.ini" command at the A:\> prompt with the startup disk in the floppy drive? Because when I try to change to C: it doesn't seem to recognise this.

My understanding of DOS isn't quite as good as I'd like it to be I'm afraid, please bear with me.

I really appreciate the help I'm being given.

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