Time to power down pc

  iscanut 12:18 14 Jul 2008

I am running Win XP Home, sp3. From the moment I click on Turn Off Computer, it takes approx 1 minute before the pc powers off. This seems ages, although I know it is not. I have tweaked the "Time tokillapp" in the Registry to 100 but still no faster. Is this an acceptable time to wait or am I being impatient. It makes no difference as to what I have been doing, browsing, word processing, games playing, emails etc..still around a minute. Any other way to speed it up, or just put up with it?

  Ditch999 12:28 14 Jul 2008

Its not an unreasonable time. All the programmes that are running in your Startup tray have to be saved/closed down and any changes you have made to your settings have to be saved and then Windows has to close down.

  nob14 13:24 14 Jul 2008

Run Msconfig and stop any progs you dont need opening (in the startup tab) when the PC is turned on. That will help with the shutdown time.

  jack 14:29 14 Jul 2008

If you are simply hitting close down with stuff running then each program has to save and shut down then all the updates that have come through in the background have to go in.

Then you shut down.

Another way- not necessarily quicker- but at least you know stuff is happening is to right click each icon on the bottom task bar and then click close, until such time the bar is empty- then shut down.

Yet another way is to use 'Hibernate'
This is very useful because you can in this state hit the buttons[more later] and all that is happening in saved to the Hard drive so that if you are in the middle of something- when you start up again you come straight back to where you left off.

How do I do that you wonder?

Go to Start/Turn off computer/ and when the three options come up- hover the mouse[don't click] over Stand By- then holding down Right Shift- Stand by changes to 'Hibernate' then click it.
Try it.

  iscanut 20:18 14 Jul 2008

Thanks all. I am OK with understanding the mechanics of what happens with shutdown, but as I have very few items in the tray, I thought it was taking rather long to close down. Not really a problem, but my Vista laptop with even more stuff running closes down in half the time ! If the consensus is that a minute or so is not unreasonable, then so be it.

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