Time please

  shandykid 19:25 16 Feb 2003

Hi - I'm thinking of buying a Time PC (Powerflex XP2600+ advertised in PC Advisor Magazine). Seems a good deal at 700 quid. Is it?
Also, I have a Sony 8mm tape video camera. Could I use the 4 port tv/video-in/out on the pc to save my home videos onto the hard drive or can thins only be done with a digital video camera?
Would appreciate any advice. Thanks

  eccomputers 23:02 16 Feb 2003

Time, Tiny etc, they are all the same. Cheap, nasty pcs. You only get what you pay for with computers. If you look at ranges of motherboards of the same specs but made by different companies, the prices are quite a range. Some companies wont sacrifice performance for cheaper components, others will.

  MAJ 23:30 16 Feb 2003

Personally, I wouldn't have a Time machine in the house, unless it was made by H.G. Wells.

  woodchip 23:36 16 Feb 2003

It will probably be OK if you use it as it is but would not think of upgrading it later

  IanNiblock 09:00 17 Feb 2003

As many people have recommended in the past, 9 times out of 10 the best place to get a new PC from is your small local shop. I have certainly done this several times over the last few years and have found excellent quality and customer service on every occasion. £700 is a lot of money to part with so it would be worth checking it out at least.

  Andsome 09:25 17 Feb 2003

Definitely your local shop. If you search the site you will find that I have made many postings on this subject, and most of the comments concerning these postings have been favourable. Remember that to all of the big suppliers you are just a very tiny fish in the pond, which is full of corporate buyers, who will obviously get the best service. Your local shop will see you as a very important customer. Remember that one extra machine supplied in a week represents a good part of his turnover, and is well worth safeguarding, as he will want you to recommend him to friends.

  Time - Chris 09:46 17 Feb 2003

Whilst we may have not always been the best supplier in the world I'd like to assure you that we really have changed.

All our PCs are made from the highest quality components and are completely upgradable. Building your own machine is great but I doubt you'd be able to make the identical spec machine for the same price. If you have any queries please feel free to drop me a mail.

[email protected]

Cheers - Chris

  MAJ 10:01 17 Feb 2003

That's fine, saying that Chris, but you have a very bad name (IMHO) to live with. Time (excuse the pun) and how you perform in the future, will tell if you can change.

  Stokey 10:07 17 Feb 2003

Let's balance this out a bit.

I know people who have Time computers and are very happy with them.

  MAJ 10:20 17 Feb 2003

I know people with Skodas and they're happy with them, but I certainly wouldn't buy one. It's all in the name, I'm afraid. That's one of the mountains Chris has to overcome. shandykid asked for advice, I gave him/her mine.

  IanNiblock 10:43 17 Feb 2003

I stand by my earlier post - I still believe that a small, local supplier is the best place to buy a new PC. However, I have also had several dealings with Time (and Tiny) over the last 6 years and can say that the customer service on the part of Time has improved way beyond my expectations over the last 9 months. This is mainly due to the presence of 2 very professional individuals on this forum (Chris Woolford and Colin Middlemiss before him).

Chris - Time does not have a good reputation for customer service, however, if you and your team continue the excellent work you have started here (and I hope that the improvements will not end at this forum) then that should change in the future.

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