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  Stuartli 08:45 27 Oct 2003

I've raised this point in the past with the powers-that-be on the PCA website, but without success.

It concerns the information about how many times you have visited the website and at what time.

Bizarrely the time provided is the one that you have just logged on at - I'm well aware of it so it is pointless.

If I log onto, for instance, my online bank account with the Halifax the date and time provided is for the previous occasion.

That makes it easy to avoid trawling through information I've already read but, in the case of the PCA website, I have to look through virtually all the recent threads again in case I miss an important thread.

By displaying the previous date and time, PCA would be providing a useful service as I could go by these to avoid reading or calling up threads again unnecessarily.

Does anyone else agree?

  recap 08:57 27 Oct 2003

Hadn't really took much notice of when I have logged in. I think it would be hard for PCA to show which threads anybody had last opened.

  goonerbill 09:04 27 Oct 2003

been thinking that since i first signed up 2 1/2yrs ago. i have never been able to work out why they tell you the last time ya logged in is ya present log in, i know.

it cant be that hard to tell ya the LAST time ya logged in, to the last time ya logged in.

  expertec 09:05 27 Oct 2003

I agree, in fact I was thinking of starting a thread on this myself ;-0

  rowdy 09:05 27 Oct 2003

I too like to quickly review threads that have run since my last visit and your idea would assist in this. As you rightly say the time of current logon is not much use unless you are on pay as you go and want to watch the pennies.

When the Forum opened ,most will have been on dialup/pay as you go and it was probable valid then. Now with a large number on Broadband or unlimited dialup it is time for a change.


  Stuartli 10:53 27 Oct 2003

If you are on PAYG (or even subscription basis) the dialup connection icon reveals the amount of time you have been on line to the second...:-)

  Stuartli 10:54 27 Oct 2003

But it would be (presumably) easy to state the previous occasion and time you last logged on.

If the Halifax can do it.....:-)

  Taran 11:30 27 Oct 2003

I'm not sure where you are heading with this.

Do you expect to be able to lobby for change by getting majority support ?

Since the pages are numbered, threads are titled and date/time stamped and you can review the "View your postings" link at any time, the facility is already there to scan through threads.

It just takes a bit of time and effort.

I just scan the thread titles on page 1, do the same on page 2 and 3 then start in on answering those I want to respond to. It only takes a few moments (even on a dial up connection) and I'm all set to go off on my usual tangents.

Anyway, I'd suggest that it's potentailly of far more use to dial up users to know when they logged in for minutes/hours/pennies used monitoring than it is for the rest of us to know who has posted what and when. Especially when we can find this out for ourselves so readily and when dial up is still the most common form of web access.

I just can't see the big issue here.


  pj123 11:45 27 Oct 2003

Sorry, Stuartli but I agree with Taran. My first port of call is always My Postings, then Helproom.

I never even look at how many times I have visited or the last time I logged in.

  Stuartli 11:53 27 Oct 2003

I've already pointed out that your dialup connection box details to the second the amount of time you have been online to that point and continues to do so until you log off.

If you double click the dialup connection icon it's detailed alongside Duration.

My point is that I know when I have logged onto the PCA website and that it would be much more logical to know the date and time of the PREVIOUS visit.

If it doesn't affect you or anyone else personally then there's no need to get worked up about it...:-)

  Taran 12:28 27 Oct 2003

I wonder how many dial up users even know about the information that can be obtained through the system tray icon ?

Perhaps not as many as you may think.

If this is such an issue and (in your words) "I know when I have logged onto the PCA website", instead of asking for a sitewide change to reflect your preference, why not do one of two thinigs:

1. Click on the "View your postings" link as soon as you log in and you will see a list of the last threads you contributed to. Click on the past one you remember posting to and the date and time you submitted comment is listed for you.

2. The simplest solution of all - write the date and time of your past visit down.

That way you get a record of the information you want and the site does not have be altered.

"If it doesn't affect you or anyone else personally then there's no need to get worked up about it"

I can't see anyone getting worked up about anything.

Disagreeing with a point is all I'm guilty of here.

I'm merely pointing out that in my opinion, as issues go I don't think this is one and personally I don't feel it holds any water.

I understand why you might want that information but not everyone may want the same thing (or be aware of how to get that dial up information from the system tray icon) and if it's that important to you there is nothing stopping you recording the data yourself until such time as the site does it for you (or not as the case may be).

As I say, I can understand why you might want that information but there is nothing stopping you manually recording it or accesing it through your "View your postings" link when you log on. That way, you not only have the current log on details at the top of your screen, you have you previous visit as well.

Best regards


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