TIME pc's (i am thinking of buying)

  Weeby Vuit 11:28 10 Jan 2003
  Weeby Vuit 11:28 10 Jan 2003

i am thinking about buying a Pc from Time, but i have heared different opinions. Should i or not.
it is a 2Ghz Athlon 512 ram 120Gb Printer Carmrea cd-rw dvd windows xp 29 software packs ethernet card office suite

what do u think?

  IanNiblock 11:33 10 Jan 2003

My brother has a PC from Time that is about 2 years old now, and has never had any problems. You will find many different opions here regarding Time, however, I will say that I have found (as have many other people) their customer service presence here in the forum a credit to the company.

I think that you will also find that a number of people will recommend (again, including myself) at least looking at your local PC shop - in my experience you can get better value/quality from these small establishments.


  erkmatrix 11:41 10 Jan 2003

I got a Time Mirage 2600+ for Christmas and runs like a dream. I certainly wouldn't listen to the bad press as well look at any computer company theres always some unsatified customers, the customer service with Chris from Time in this forum will lead you in the right direction of getting good technical support so your in the right place. Anyway up to you in the end but I'd definatly recommend had a Time Pc before for 5 years no probs at all.

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