Time out problems Windows Live Mail 2011

  bpzoom 17:40 12 Sep 2013

Windows 7 64bit, BT broadband, and Windows Live Mail timeout problem. POP3 server has not responded in 60 seconds, would you like etc etc. Increased 60secs to 420 no difference. BT say it is a Windows Live Mail issue. I cannot find a way to repair Windows Live Mail. I have trawled Microsoft without finding answer. Any help would be appreciated. Cannot send or receive emails.

  bpzoom 19:56 13 Sep 2013

Reply to myself. Repaired Windows Live Essentials but no difference. Gave up an restored the a previous date. Problem no longer there.

  northumbria61 19:58 13 Sep 2013

May be something here to help Repair WLM 2011

  Woolwell 20:08 13 Sep 2013

This may not be a problem at your end. Has WLM worked ok in the past? It is more likely that the server may have a problem in spite of what BT state.

  bpzoom 20:28 13 Sep 2013

Thank you Woolwell. Yes WLM has always worked OK until a couple of days ago. You may be right, but if the server does has a problem would not users be aware of it? I took the cowards way out in the end and did a system restore to 5 days ago which appears to have "solved it". I have posted another thread asking for advice about the security risks of Facebook which my wife uses on her email account. Someone suggested a message is stuck in the system and cannot get enough time to download. I wondered if careless use of Facebook might produce a monster message which chokes the server or Live Mail. Thank you also Northumbria61. I already did a repair of WLM 2011 but it had no effect.

  bpzoom 16:09 15 Sep 2013

Decided to abandon WLM and have gone over to Outlook. Coward's way but what the heck, I have had enough chasing shadows.

  rdave13 16:51 15 Sep 2013

Try WLM 2012. FileHippo, once you uninstall the previous one. Run Ccleaner first, including the reg scan. See if it now works ok.

  bpzoom 11:07 16 Sep 2013

Thanks rdave13. my nerves won't stretch to another go at WLM. I am an Outlook user now!! What I would appreciate is advice on the existing WLM which I am no longer using. The inbox is accepting emails and probably will do so to the end of time. Should I delete WLM altogether to stop this, or just delete the Inbox folder in WLM?

  Woolwell 12:38 16 Sep 2013

You can either uninstall WLM or simpler delete the email account from within WLM. If you do not open WLM then it will not download emails to it.

  bpzoom 14:37 17 Sep 2013

Thanks Woolwell. Brilliant.

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