Time for a new Printer

  EJ1947 13:34 19 Jan 2006

I have decided to replace my old epson 810 photo printer on account of the continued blocking problems and ink wastage.
I do a lot of photo work so need a good and reliable one, preferably with not too extortionate ink prices.
Has anyone bought a printer recently and if so could you recommend or otherwise.

  rmcqua 13:36 19 Jan 2006

What's your budget, EJ1947 ?

  EJ1947 13:42 19 Jan 2006

Around £100 plus or minus doesn't really matter as much as photo quality.

  pj123 13:46 19 Jan 2006

Try the Epson R series. I have an Epson R200. Separate ink cartridges. Compatibles from Choice Stationery.

This printer also prints direct to CD/DVD (providing you buy "printable" blanks).

click here

  EJ1947 13:49 19 Jan 2006

Thanks pj123. I use Choice Stationery now which give better results than originals anyway.
Gratefull of personal experience from you - always better than shopping in the dark.

  rmcqua 19:16 19 Jan 2006

Yes, I've heard very good things about the Epson R series. You could but an R300 and get quite a bit if change out of #100
Only disadvantage I guess, is that Epson branded inks tend to be pricey.

  De Marcus™ 19:17 19 Jan 2006

I'll vouch for the epson r series as well, excellent quality prints with choice ink.

  EJ1947 19:46 19 Jan 2006

I was hoping for a recomendation of other than Epson but this R series does look good in the reviews.
Thanks for all replies.

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