Time for a new graphics card... which one ?

  grabster 19:12 26 Apr 2004

Anyone care to recommend a graphics card to suit my Gigabyte ga-7dxe mobo.My geforce4 mx440 is no longer able to cut the mustard so im looking to spend £70-£80 on a new card which hopefully will be directx v9 compatible as all the latest games seem to require pixel shading which my geforce dont do.
Also what do i do with my old card when i change over...leave it in or bin it ?

  Rayuk 19:15 26 Apr 2004

You can either
1/give it away
2/sell it
3/keep it you never know when something may go wrong.
4/Bin it[not ideal]

  grabster 19:25 26 Apr 2004

Now i know what to do with the old one,keep it,all i need is to know which new card to get.

  Totally-braindead 19:37 26 Apr 2004

Have a look at
click here
to give you some ideas.

  Mister Splendid 19:55 26 Apr 2004

When I upgrade I always sell my old bits on Ebay.

  grabster 20:13 26 Apr 2004

Thanks for the replies,Such a lot of choice and so many potential pitfalls...
i called into my local pc shop,who supplied my machine and they started talking algebra to me,methinks i would be as well to go back there and maybe listen this time. Thanks for taking the time to reply ,i'll tick the box but feel free to post any more suggestions and recommendations cos i feel its better to here from someone who has actually used a product rather than take a salesmans word for it.
Many thanks.

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