The time has come

  pj123 16:36 14 May 2006

said the Walrus.

Just proves how good it is to do regular backups.

Today my C: drive has now suddenly started making noises. Sounds like: "ker-chunck" "ker-chunck" all the time. The HDD led is on all the time and everything has stopped, I can't access anything at all.

I do a regular clone of my hard drive to another (same size) hard drive and then take it out of the computer and store it. Switched everything off and took out the existing C: drive and installed the "cloned" drive as master and everything back up working OK again.

All I have to do now is reformat the old C: drive and clone it again, or, if that doesn't work buy another hdd and use that.

  Gordal 17:11 14 May 2006

Congrats pj123, as you say it proves the absolute need to do regular backups.

You don't say which software you use for your backup procedure - possibly Symantec's Ghost(?) which is my favourite and which I use frequently using a spare HDD.

  pj123 17:39 14 May 2006

I'm running Win 98SE so I use xcopy.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:16 14 May 2006

€dstowe will be happy in the morning ;-)

  DieSse 18:26 14 May 2006


You should reconsider your use of xcopy, it has a known and acknowledged flaw.

click here

explains what can happen.

xxcopy does not have this flaw. click here

  Smiler 18:36 14 May 2006

both links go to the same place??

  pj123 18:38 14 May 2006

DieSse, yes I agree with what you say. It has never let me down yet though.

I do also have xxcopy downloaded from click here but haven't used it yet.

  EJ1947 19:38 14 May 2006

Just out of curiosity I do the same backup procedure using XXClone which looks like the same companys software but does anyone know what the difference is between XXclone and XXcopy.

  woodchip 19:42 14 May 2006

Have you tied running SCANDISK on the C:\ Drive set it to do automatic repair. then put your 98 CD in comp hold shift key until light stops flashing on CD drive the go to Run and type SFC. Run the program

  woodchip 19:44 14 May 2006

PS the drive is having Read Problems, It could be bad blocks on the drive where windows files are located. The above will cure it.

  DieSse 07:49 15 May 2006

Smiler - apologies - I was in a rush - find xxcopy here click here

pj123 - "It has never let me down yet though." - read the warning thoroughly - it cautions specifically against not noticing when it's failed. better safe than sorry!

EJ1947 - XXCOPY can clone Win9x/WinME but it can't clone WinXP drives. XXCLONE can clone WinXP. Also XXCOPY can be used at file level as a complete replacement for xcopy - XXCLONE is only for complete drive clones.

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