Time flys

  AubreyS 17:37 14 Sep 2003

Hi all. The clock on my PC is gaining all the time. I keep putting it rightbut it still gains. Any ideas anyone? I'm running XP Pro. Thanks

  VoG II 18:20 14 Sep 2003

Right click on clock, Adjust Date/Time, Internet time tab, tick "Automatically synchronize..."

  AubreyS 18:21 14 Sep 2003

Hi Vog. Yes I have done that 3 times today and within a few minutes it has gained again.

  powerless 18:23 14 Sep 2003

What programs are you running in the system tray?

Disable them one by one and see if it makes a dif.

One by one though.

  Forum Editor 18:26 14 Sep 2003

WinXP to synchronise the time with one of two online clocks.

Got to Start/control panel and click on Date & time. Click on the Internet time tab and set XP to update the system clock.

  Forum Editor 18:27 14 Sep 2003

My screen was open for too long - I didn't see the other responses.

  AubreyS 18:27 14 Sep 2003

Hi Forum Editor. See above. Thanks.

  AubreyS 18:29 14 Sep 2003

Forum Editor: The thought was there Thanks.

  AubreyS 08:50 15 Sep 2003


  Peter 09:03 15 Sep 2003


Time flies like the wind,
Fruit flies like bananas.

No, I know that doesn't help with your problem, but I thought you might need some levity.


  AubreyS 09:04 15 Sep 2003

Thanks for that Peter, running a bit late for school?

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