Time on files changed by 1 hour

  grumpy-git 00:27 29 Mar 2010

Yes, I know it's now summertime, but photos I took at, say, 16.00 on Saturday, are now showing as taken at 17.00 in windows explorer.

Should the change to summertime have this effect on file created times?

I use ACDsee to view/edit my photos and there is an "adjust image time stamp" option, but I am a bit uncertain about using that as it may then show incorrect times on photos taken during the summer.

Is there an easy answer to this?


  northumbria61 07:52 29 Mar 2010

I am not a user of ACD but I am sending you a LINK to look at which may help. (Take your choice from the list)

click here

  grumpy-git 10:10 29 Mar 2010

I get the feeling that all photos taken during summertime will show correct times in the date/time, but "winter" files will be an hour out and vice versa during wintertime.

Never noticed this before, but probably haven't checked specific times before.

Can't really say resolved, as yet, as I don't fully understand it, but it may be one of those quirks that we have to accept????

  hssutton 12:34 29 Mar 2010

This could be a WE failing. check out the exif on such as this click here

  hssutton 12:41 29 Mar 2010

This could be a WE failing, but not on my pc. check out the exif on such as this click here

  keef66 13:16 29 Mar 2010

I'd have though it's something to do with the clock setting of the camera; that's what creates the time stamp, surely?

  bremner 13:20 29 Mar 2010

Can you confirm which date you are refering to.

Is it the Create Time on the file, the create time in the EXif Data or a date and time stamp you can physically see when you view the photo.

  grumpy-git 15:09 29 Mar 2010

Photos taken Saturday, camera clock set correctly at "winter time".

First photo taken at 10.13 actual time on the day.

Looking at that file with Windows Explorer, the date modified is showing as 26/03/10 11:13. In WE date created (which I don't use) shows as 27/03/10 23:34 - which was when the file name was modified to fit in with my numbering series.

With ACDsee, when listing the files for that day, the modified date is 11:13.

However, making progress now, the properties database box shows a time of 10.13. So, the answer is to not use "modified date", but use "database date". This is something I can set in "choose details" within ACDsee.

Looks like ACDsee can cope with winter/summer time after all.

Finally, some photos from this morning, taken at 09.42 - ACDsee modified date & database date are identical (give or take a couple of seconds - strange!) so problem solved.

Thanks you guys for replying, perhaps I shouldn't have been trying to solve the problem late last night??!!

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