Time computer mainboard - help

  Jomi 15:43 28 Sep 2003

If you've followed my postings about Time and the incorrect mainboard, you'll now be aware that Time have settled out of court by replacing the mainboard and refunding my court fee.
For some reason the forum editor has elected to prevent further postings on that subject.
The board I now have is a MSI 6382 V3 which has a KT333 chipset.
I've searched the MSI site for a manual but can't find any info at all on the V3.
Can anyone help please,


  Rayuk 15:48 28 Sep 2003

Found this manual for ver2.0 should have all the relevant info fo you
click here

Different versions of motherboards dont always come with an updated manual

  Jomi 16:07 28 Sep 2003

Had a bit of trouble opening the WINRAR? zip file.
This manual for version 2 shows the chipset as kt266a but version 3 is KT333.
I'm trying to find the max useable CPU for this board.

  Rayuk 20:38 28 Sep 2003

As this is an oem board your best bet would be to email Time and see if they can tell you[or of course MSI themselves]

  Jomi 20:48 29 Sep 2003

Don't think I'll bother with Time, I dropped an e-mail in to the MSI tech help address so I'll wait and see what happens.
I'll leave the post open till then.

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