time computer

  OAP65 15:28 19 Apr 2006

i am looking for a new computer and the time power a64-3200 looked about right with price/spec i wish to pay any thoughts
thanks oap 65

  SB23 17:09 19 Apr 2006

If it's the spec that you want, and the price you are willing to pay, go for it.
I had dealings with "The Old Time" years ago. Never had a problem with them. Alot of friends bought machines from them which are old now but still going. Who's to say who's bad and good these days. Have a look at all the other outlets, if they can't beat what you've seen, as I said, go for it.


  rdave13 18:42 19 Apr 2006

If this is the machine click here then for £500 I think it's a good deal. The os is Linux and there's good scope to upgrade. That's what I liked about the old Time computers.

  Forum Editor 23:13 19 Apr 2006

that made wildly sweeping and totally unsubstantiated allegations about this company.

Regular forum members will know that we do not tolerate posts which contain libellous statements under any circumstances, and some of the things said in the deleted posts were most certainly libellous.

My apologies to you, OAP65, because your perfectly valid enquiry has been disrupted by a foolish outburst or two, and my apologies also to thos forum members who attempted to help, and to introduce a note of sanity into the proceedings. Their posts seemed out of context, once I had deleted the libels so they were removed as well.

  Prof Jones 09:16 20 Apr 2006

Let me say sorry FE to what i posted, however this post is toned down.

I just do not trust a company that has gone bust twice before. OAP65 should at least know a bit of previous history on the company and the fact that some customers lost out last time. If you decide to buy from Time use a credit card that will at least give you protection if anything goes wrong at a later date.

  OAP65 09:47 20 Apr 2006

may i say many thanks to all for the replys and comments,i think i will place an order but use a card, sorry if i caused a fuss

  Totally-braindead 12:02 20 Apr 2006

Theres no need for you to appologise its we that should appologise to you. As I said originally, which has now been deleted, and in agreement with Prof Jones whoever you buy from pay by Credit Card. Its a safety net, if something does fo wrong you can always get the money from the Credit Card company rather than having to fight or argue with a company.

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