time to change

  macone 14:58 13 Nov 2003

my poor computer is 5 years old,the time has come to say goodbuy.
i have windows m.e. i want to get a new computer. the one i want runs on x.p.home.
i dont know a thing about x.p. is there any thing i should know,or any tips.
would like to hear from people that have changed from m.e. to x.p.

all the best macone.

  DieSse 15:01 13 Nov 2003

You'll find it very similar in it's "look and feel". It's a bit like a car - what's under the bonnet may change, but you can still drive it.

There's shedloads of "nice things" too - add on a card reader say, and in a few seconds it's installed and working - no reboots, no software loading - it just plugs in and works!!

  hugh-265156 15:18 13 Nov 2003

xp is great and if you want you can even use the windows "classic view" untill you get used to the new look.

  hugh-265156 15:23 13 Nov 2003

first ports of call for me once you get it would be

antivirus click here

firewall zonealarm or outpost click here click here

update windows click here

and you should have little problems

  DieSse 15:29 13 Nov 2003

Er - how do you get used to the new look if you use the classsic look? ;-))

Still I prefer the classic start menu - I can't abide it changing all the time!

  palinka 15:36 13 Nov 2003

on different machines and am happy with both. I agree with DieSse, there isn't a lot of difference between ME and XP.
Lots of useful threads in this forum on things like how to move your address book from one to the other. Go for it.
A friend of mine is moving from W95 to XP - now there's a learning curve!

  hugh-265156 16:47 13 Nov 2003

lol! DieSse

well i dip in and out of both depending on my mood.

at the moment i use the xp look but have turned of catagory view as it takes longer to find things.

  AubreyS 17:02 13 Nov 2003

I used to have M.E and XP but since upgrading my PC I only have XP which I prefer now that I'm used to it. I do "miss" the old blue screen every couple of day's though! :-)

  spuds 19:13 13 Nov 2003

I use both WME and XP Pro.Found XP a little hard to get on with at first, but it grows on you in time.Still like my old WME though, perhaps I am a sentimentalist.

  canard 21:38 13 Nov 2003

Macone if you intend to transfer data via CDRom you need to know about finalising the disc so that it works on XP. One of the gurus will tell you about it.

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