Time to add a sound card ?

  nd33cfc 01:24 01 Jul 2005

My motherboard is an "Apogee 7VJL" from chaintech. I bought it a couple of years ago because it was a very good one at the time. For info, my PC has the following spec:-...80gb HD..1gb DDR RAM...Radion 9600 pro craphics card and an Athlon 2ghz processor. I play an online game but i find the sound is very dissapointing. The sound seems to "stutter" even when there is not much happening on the screen. I have downloaded all the latest drivers for my sound (i think) but to no avail. Any suggestions ?

  retep888 03:11 01 Jul 2005

Have you got the latest one for your 9600?

  nd33cfc 10:04 01 Jul 2005

According to my device manager everything is up to date.

  vinnyT 12:57 01 Jul 2005

Is the soundcard built into the mobo? If so, then yes get a new scard, I say this because onboard soundcards use some of your cpu processes, so can slow some games and cause stutter.

A seperate scard from the likes of creative, process sound on the card, leaving your cpu free to deal with everthing else that's going on.

I've not explained this very well, but I think you will get the idea.

Someone else will prob. disagree with me, but if you play games a seperate card is the way to go, esp. with an older mobo.

Hope this helps.

  garrema 13:28 01 Jul 2005

click here

Basically you will have better gaming with a stand alone soundcard although the degree of which I am not sure.

You have not mentioned the speed of your Tinternet pipe. I found at 512 K there was stuttering in some games. Then again your processor has to do more when playing online.

  nd33cfc 13:46 01 Jul 2005

Thanx for the info and the link. This has been very informative. For info i have 512k broadband. My sound is indeed built in to my motherboard. I see now that not having a sound card is only giving my motherboard more work to do. I will investigate further as to what sound card to buy. Thanx for your help.

  vinnyT 13:53 01 Jul 2005


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