Time A520-K7 laptop - How to open case ?

  HoppyFred 11:48 10 May 2007

My Time A520-K7 (Arima) runs hot and occasionally shuts down. Took it to my local PC shop who suggested that it might need a clean out, but they were unable to figure out how to open the case !
Can anyone tell me the sequence of screws to remove ?
Thanks in anticipation...

  EARLR 12:20 10 May 2007

Good Luck

  HoppyFred 17:20 10 May 2007

thanks EARLR, had googled several times with no success

  Yabadaba™ 18:01 10 May 2007

Try this PDF user guide to see if it helps.
click here

  Yabadaba™ 18:20 10 May 2007

Also found this.

> > The key to almost every laptop disassembly is to remove the
> plastic part
> > between the keyboard and the LCD hinges where the buttons usually
> are.
> > I believe on that model if you take a small flat blade
> and
> > pry up on one end of it, it will lift right off. Then you can
> remove
> > the keyboard and the rest will be pretty self evident.
> >
> > Ardell Faul
> > Computer Monitor Service Inc.
> > Laptop Computer & Monitor Repair
> > 10816 E. Mission Ave.,
>; > Spokane Valley, Wa. 99206

  HoppyFred 19:41 10 May 2007

thanks yabadaba, the PDF is the same basic instructions that came with the laptop - no disassembly. Your second post looks promising, will try that and let you know how I get on.

  HoppyFred 23:53 10 May 2007

Thanks again yabadaba, your 2nd post gave sufficient clues. Removing 2 screws on the hinge covers & 2 long screws from the bottom allowed removal of the panel above the keyboard, keyboard slides out, remove cover panel below exposes cooling system. Vanes of LH cooler were well clogged. Problem solved.

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