drummerdude436 17:01 13 Jun 2003

I know that I've said it in numerous posts that time are really bad computers, but I was just woondering what the rest of you guys and gals thought of them, and any previous experiances (good or bad) that you've had with them.



  Gaz 25 17:03 13 Jun 2003

Mine have been bad, but you better watch out, I have had messages removed for talking about time.

Mine was dead on arival, and still havnt received any money back for phone calls and losses on buying the system.

  soy 17:08 13 Jun 2003

If time were that bad, they would be out of business by now don't you think?

They do very good specification computers at very good prices. I myself haven't bought from them necuase I have a fairly good spec pc now but if I needed one, I wouldn't be put off just becuase of a few negative comments. As alot of people on this forum say, the negative comments only represent a tiny majority of Time customers. There are tons more customeres than a completely satified and happy with their machines.

  canard 17:33 13 Jun 2003

Mine were good. I was totally ignorant of PCs. Time's info and support [not at 50p per min] got this nonstarter started.
Which is not to say the PC was just perfect- it has always needed its little ways understood. But it has been sufficiently robust to survive the dreadful things that my ignorance inflicted on it.

  graham√ 17:42 13 Jun 2003


  Philip2 20:26 13 Jun 2003

To date there has never been any comment from Time Computers PLC strange don't you think.!!

  leo49 20:31 13 Jun 2003

I know that water has gone under the bridge and that they now trade as Computerworld but how can you take seriously a company that once offered a free mini-scooter as an inducement to buy a PC? :o)

  Jomi 20:46 13 Jun 2003

My own experience is bad and I've posted on the subject in the consumer watch.
The pc spec is brilliant, it's the customer care that's poor.

  Pauper 20:59 13 Jun 2003

I can only comment on Time from a customer care perspective, in the first instance, a family member had a printer which was part of a package replaced after about two years of service, all concluded within a week with no questions asked despite the fact that this was originally a Tiny PC package. The second, again a Tiny pc, but this time a laptop, Chris from Time who posts on this forum dealt with this directly and sourced a replacement power pack which had originally been lost by Tiny ?customer care? after it went back for a service at least a year previously, Tiny refused to acknowledge their blame and the customer gave up, it was only after they asked me for help that I contacted Chris who immediately responded in a positive manner.

As with all things in life it is very easy to find the faults with a company as people with problems shout louder than those without, but in my experience Time customer care is first class.

  Gaz 25 21:03 13 Jun 2003

Correct they have great deals!

  rev.bem 23:06 13 Jun 2003

I posted a question many moons ago asking if anyone out there who had bought a time computer would buy another one.It vanished rather quickly.

Any one noticed the advet at the top of the page?

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