The "~" (Tilde) desktop file

  igk 20:41 10 Nov 2003

Hi All,
I have just read in the latest edition of this magazine (in the help pages)the question of the "~" (Tilde file)that appears on the desktop. I found it unbelievable that the answer from the magazine was that "we don't know what this is either" this is a well known problem that has been documented many times in the last four months or so,please see below the answer taken from a website (it took 30 seconds on Yahoo search engine to find!!)
Tilde invader
A curious file has taken to appearing and reappearing on my desktop. It has the name "~", and its presence is indicated by a plain Windows icon.
Stephen Mennell

JS: It's harmless. It is the result of installing the April 2003, Cumulative Patch for Outlook Express (330994). The temp file appears after a change
is made to your address book in Outlook Express. The Address Book (.wab) is being updated correctly, but it seems that Windows' scratch copy (.wa~)
throws a tilde on to the desktop. You could uninstall the patch, but I think your best bet is to ignore it and wait for Microsoft to acknowledge and then fix the glitch. See click here.

  Jester2K II 20:53 10 Nov 2003

So not just me that was surprised then... Its been mentioned here for months and for so long. When the original question was raised in a previous issue i was surprised the magazine didn't give the answer... Even more surprised the original questioner had to provide the same answer thats appeared here nearly daily (or at least weekly) for months!!!

  igk 00:07 11 Nov 2003

Hi Jester,
Iv'e sent a copy of my posting to the "management" perhaps they will print it to help others.

  temp003 01:48 11 Nov 2003

Interesting and helpful. Thx. I got that file too (which I deleted without any harm), not on the desktop but in the C root directory (on Windows 2000). I remember opening it with Notepad and it did show a couple of names in the address book. Now I know why.

  dublincity 02:54 11 Nov 2003

I noticed that the tilde (~) icon appeared on the desktop as a spare part after I'd downloaded and installed any program from the internet.

  wee eddie 20:49 11 Nov 2003

as a result of my replying to an e-mail in OE.

Which only started as a result of whatever patch it was!

  igk 21:05 11 Nov 2003

Hi All,
You may be interested to know that I did e-mail the management re this not being answered as per my original post and they replied "Denying" that it was in the latest issue Dec2003,if someone could look it up and post back the page number (I havent got my copy I loaned it out!)so I can point them in the correct direction (I do not like to be called a liar (yes as good as in the reply e-mail!))
Thanks to all.

  vienna1981 22:51 11 Nov 2003

page 196

  igk 23:09 11 Nov 2003

Hi Vienna1981,
Many thanks for your help.

  vienna1981 00:03 12 Nov 2003

no problem

  powerless 01:14 12 Nov 2003

Me thinks this is teddys sister.

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