Tiger Woods-PGA Tour 2004 Bugged?

  User-1BD6D3E1-0CC3-49F6-BF40FF97E4E996B4 20:13 02 Nov 2003

I bought Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 yesterday
and when I went to install it nothing happens.

It says place the install disc in the drive and wait for the box where you type the registration number in but nothing came up, the manual says if nothing comes up then double click "My Computer" then the drive where the disc is in still nothing comes up, I was expecting it to open a window with the discs contents but nothing.

I guess I will have to take it back tomorrow and hopefully get the PS2 version which will hopefully be problem free.

Anyone else have this problem or something

I am thinking maybe it might be a bad batch of discs or something

  simonsup 21:18 02 Nov 2003

hi steve, I also brought this game, installed ok & apart
from the odd lockup during the game it seems ok.
A big improvement over TWPGATour 2003
R u running xp?

When you installed it did it autorun for you so that a box came up for you to type in the reg number or did you have to double click "My Computer" and then double click the drive the disc was in to bring up the contents and then click setup?

  ? ???K??M? 22:47 02 Nov 2003

Plays good on ps2,but the ruddy sunglasses 10 grand what a rip off lol.


  Raywood 23:09 02 Nov 2003

It probably isn't just the Tiger Woods game. Usually if you eject and then re-insert the CD this can sort it. I have had this problem many times.

  Stuartli 09:24 03 Nov 2003

Tiger hasn't been doing too well lately - perhaps that's the reason..:-)

A friend had a similar problem with the Jimmy White snooker game; it would install on any system bar his own despite many hours attempting to do so.

In the end he had to return it and get his money back.

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