tiger woods 2004 for pc

  Ops 18:54 23 Nov 2004

as anybody had any problems with the game crashing during play, i have tried all the usual. i can only think its my graphics card now.

nividia g force fx 5600 128mb

  JIM 18:58 23 Nov 2004

and your win os.

  Ops 19:02 23 Nov 2004

crashes anything between 5 mins and 15 mins during game play.

Win xp home

  JIM 19:31 23 Nov 2004

presuming that the game it's self is not buggy and your system is running pretty well, you may have a job on your hands.

I would have a look in the event viewer and see what may be reported in the applacations and poss in the system.You may get a clue from there.

As you said you have tried the usual i would go into msconfig and "disable all" in the startup tab click apply,ok and reboot.Try the game again and see what the result is before popping back to us.

You will a least be certain that your starting the game with not much else going on in the system.

Would make sure that you are not connected to the internet by any-means before you bootup/startup ect.as your security and poss anti-virus will be switched off at that time. Rem. to reverse msconfig if you decide to try it after.

  georgemac 19:36 23 Nov 2004

my boy plays it with xp, xp1700 cpu, 768mb ram, fx5600 ultra 128 mb - he has never mentioned it crashing to me so it must be OK.

  Technotiger 20:56 23 Nov 2004

I regularly play TW2004 on my xp/1.34g cpu/radeon 9200 no problems at all.

  Ops 23:08 23 Nov 2004

thanks for your help guys

  hugh-265156 23:37 23 Nov 2004

click here click here may help a bit.

latest drivers for your graphics card from click here for xp and click here for win9x

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