Tidying up HDD 98SE reload

  Bald Eagle 15:37 12 Sep 2003

Moving back to England for the winter so decided to reload Windows and generally tidy up the HDD. After a busy summer it is in a bit of a mess. I use it mainly for Lotus Wordpro and Organiser, Quicken and Internet access. I know that splitting the disc using say Partition Magic makes it more efficient and makes things run quicker. What would you suggest.? Where would you put 98SE and what size partition? Similarly with the programs mentioned. Also where would you put AVG, ZoneAlarm and similar internet protection stuff?
Operating System Windows 98 SE (build 4.10.2222) Processor 266 megahertz Intel Pentium II Drive 4.25 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity 96 Megabytes Installed Memory
With the very basic system I have here is it worth messing about with partitioning?

  [DELETED] 15:40 12 Sep 2003

4.25 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive

Is that the total size or whats left?

  Bald Eagle 21:10 12 Sep 2003

Total size

  [DELETED] 22:53 12 Sep 2003

If your happy with your machine and it works OK you could add another HDD, you can buy them cheaply these days. I run a similar setup here, a 3.2G HDD which contains all my working programs i.e. Win 98SE, AVG, ZoneLabs and a host of other maintenance programs, all that lot takes 670MB, so plenty of room left over. The slave drive is 30G for all the important stuff.


  Bald Eagle 05:07 13 Sep 2003

Struggling to get on and off internet due to computer will reformat and reload.

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