Tidy trailing extension sockets off the floor

  CLONNEN 12:43 03 Jan 2009

Is there a simple way of getting trailing extension sockets off the floor?

I tried sticking it to the wall with some strong sticky stuff but a day later it was hanging off the wall by a few sticky threads.

Also tried Velcro strips but those only held the sockets for a few hours before falling off the wall.

Is there any substance that would be able to withstand the weight of the plugs? Would superglue work? Or how about strong magnets? - although I'd still have to stick them to the wall.

I could have sworn I once saw some sort of trailing socket floor stand which would hold them vertically without falling over. But I can't find it anywhere on the internet and I don't remember what is was called.

  Pamy 13:01 03 Jan 2009

You could fix plastic box section to the wall

  spuds 13:01 03 Jan 2009

The problem with trailing leads is the weight and drag factor. I tend to find that the only real solution is to drill and screw, but you could try one of the adhesives/sealants from somewhere like Screwfix click here Perhaps I Can't Believe It's Not Nails (£1.39) or similar adhesive, with a good fix and grab specification will resolve your problem!.

If unsightly sticking or damage is essential, then Blu-Tack might do, with limited success.

  Pamy 13:10 03 Jan 2009
  Forum Editor 13:16 03 Jan 2009

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  oldbeefer2 15:16 03 Jan 2009

I've always had success with 3Ms double sided mounting tape (the variety that is about 2mm of foam strip with adhesive either side). The foam allows for imperfections in the wall. If that isn't strong enough, then it's drill and screw time!

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