Ticking noise from my laptop

  Baryal khan 15:04 01 Jan 2017

I just got a hp probook 450 g3 and its making a strange ticking sound and I am 100% sure its the hdd that is making the sound and I haven't even put any load on it yet plz help p.s I sent it back to the shop I bought it from and they say its fine

  Belatucadrus 15:32 01 Jan 2017

Is it regular or intermittent ?

  bumpkin 16:50 01 Jan 2017

Back it up now,click here info here just in case

  alanrwood 19:58 01 Jan 2017

"I sent it back to the shop I bought it from and they say its fine"

They would wouldn't they. If it is ticking then just get a refund if they are not prepared to sort it out. Why take a risk.

  Forum Editor 08:47 02 Jan 2017

Ticking noises from a new hard drive are always a cause for concern. The last thing you want with a new computer is a nagging doubt.

In your situation, I think I would insist that the supplier does something about this - a new hard drive would seem to be the best way forward.

  rickf 10:56 02 Jan 2017

I think it usually means the h/d is on the way out. Have it changed.

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