Thunderstorm damage?

  hevans 00:39 20 Aug 2003

;) Ok. My sister has a packard bell imedia system and two weeks ago she went out leaving it connected to the phone socket. There was a thunderstorm and a pilon was struck nearby. When she got home her system had obviously re-set, the date was years old and month etc all wrong.
The system boots ok and most things work but even though the system detects the modem it won't connect and testing it does not get a line. I've tried moving it to my phone socket in my house and this makes no difference.

Obviously the storm has done some damage, we just don't know what it's wrecked. I've tried two other modems which do work in my own system and they also fail. Is it the board or the slot? Will she need a new motherboard? [email protected]

  sil_ver 00:47 20 Aug 2003

Quite possibly the motherboard is damaged as it seems to have knocked out your CMOS settings as well which suggests (to me) that the strike got through to the m.board and may have damaged other components. Next time tell her to buy a surge protector for mains/modem which may reduce the risk.

  wee eddie 20:05 20 Aug 2003

Do your best to make a copy of all her files, then take it into PCW.

This sounds like an ideal candidate for their Health Check.

They should be able to tell you exactly what is wrong. Recommend replacements and fit them.

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