Thunderbird from XP to new Windows7 computer...qu

  newearwax 20:19 03 Apr 2010

I used the Easy Transfer program to transfer Thunderbird over,but have met a couple of problems.

I had more than one account, all separate from Local Folders, i.e. each having its own box. Only one has been transferred.

My Personal and my Collected Address Books' contents have also apparently not been transferred in.

Please can someone advise me if despite appearances they have been transferred, where I should look, and how to deal with; likewise if they have not been transferred.

The old computer still has Thunderbird installed.

  Sea Urchin 23:17 03 Apr 2010

You'd do much better to save the account details and settings from your profile on the old computer. Then install a new version of Thunderbird on the new machine, and import the saved details into your new profile. This explains how to do it:

click here

  robin_x 00:55 04 Apr 2010

Try Mozbackup. Does Firefox too.

click here

(Works for me with W7 64, even though it is not specifically mentioned)

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