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Thunderbird will not accept my email providers...

  Petesilver 18:34 04 Oct 2013

I have downloaded Thunderbird but will not install my gmail or windows live email accounts it finds them so it says but keeps telling me my name or password is incorrect but I know everything is correct so can anyone give me any advice. I have tried help and forum for TB but I can't seem to get any sense out of them Regards Pete

  The Kestrel 12:06 05 Oct 2013

Have you tried using the instructions in Gmail for forwarding your emails to Thunderbird? If not go to the settings page in Gmail and at the bottom of the page is the link to the instructions for forwarding your Gmail to Thunderbird. I don't use Windows mail so can't help you there.

  Jollyjohn 13:45 05 Oct 2013

What OS are you on? I use Thunderbird all the time and have set up several addresses on it. If you let me know which OS, I will boot to it and check GMail settings on Thunderbird.

  alanrwood 15:10 05 Oct 2013

My access via pop3 to my email account will no longer work either despite knowing the settings have not changed on any of my 5 machines. I can however still access it via the web. One suggestion I have had is that because the access route is different between web and pop3 the pop3 details may have been disabled through non use but the web remains open. Not sure about gmail only to say that I can still access via pop3 (Thunderbird)

  Petesilver 15:18 05 Oct 2013

Hi Thanks for taking the time to reply, firstly I have tried all oltions I can think of have checked gmail and live mail settings all which are correct, which I already knew as previously I had installed Thunderbird on my laptop and that installed with no problem, but on my Desktop it just keeps saying my name or password are incorrect but I know they are not. Both are running Windows 8. I just can't seem to get any sense from the. Thunderbird help site.

  Batch 15:56 05 Oct 2013

My gmail continues to work fine as POP3 within Thunderbird. One thing I do use, but I doubt if it makes any difference to your issue, is Global Inbox (see Tools, Account Settings, Server Settings, Advanced [in Message Storage]) so that as well as all my email accounts sharing the same Inbox etc. on my PC I am able select precisely which accounts are checked automatically when I click Get / Send [as opposed to the TBird default options of This (currently selected) Account / All Accounts / Authenticated Accounts.

  lotvic 16:10 05 Oct 2013

You have to enable forwarding IMAP or POP3 in the settings on Gmail Webmail Account before you can collect on your pc using a mail client (like Thunderbird or Outlook etc) ClickHere for how to do it

  Petesilver 16:47 05 Oct 2013

I have checked ports no problem there, firewall is my next option, have already set IMAP in gmail as Isaid iI already use Thunderbird on my laptop with gmail & Windows live mail, and no it will not even accept pop3 all I get is my address or password is incorrect but it's not !!!!! I'm just confused .

  Petesilver 17:47 05 Oct 2013

Thanks all have sorted the problem...........disabled AV and added Tbird to firewall which one was blocking don't know but it worked.

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