thunderbird set-up

  do-gull 22:06 29 Apr 2006

I am trying to set up thunderbird as my e-mail program,and its asking me to enter my incoming do i find it out..... please.

  interzone55 22:21 29 Apr 2006

Your incoming server will generally be called something along the lines of or or

your outgoing server will be called

your username is normally the bit between the @ and isp name in your email address, and the password will be the one you use to log onto the internet.

Tell us which ISP you use and someone will find out all the info for you

  do-gull 22:50 29 Apr 2006

Almost there.entered both incoming and outgoings as you said,and i can now send e-mails,but any received e-mails are still by-passing thunderbird and going to my wanadoo account.If i hit the GET MAIL icon in Thunderbird it says there are no e-mails after connecting to the rerver.

  Stuartli 00:07 30 Apr 2006

You should ensure that the Wanadoo account is set as your Default e-mail program and then open Thunderbird.

Then in Thunerbird's Tools>Import elect to import the Wanadoo settings.

Once this has been done - it is virtually instantaneious - select Thunderbird as your Default e-mail program.

Importing configurations into Firefox is done via File.

  do-gull 17:53 30 Apr 2006

Just thought, my main e-mail account which is with wanadoo is an webmail account.Is this the same as an e-mail account ? and could that be the problem.

  woodt 18:58 30 Apr 2006


Most webail accounts have options for setting them up to be retrieved by programs such as Thunderbird. Just go to youe wanadoo website and search for email settings

  woodt 19:02 30 Apr 2006

Have you set up your servers in Thunderbird like this?

POP3 Server is:
SMTP Server is:

  do-gull 20:34 30 Apr 2006

Hiya woodt
have entered the pop3 server and smtp exactly as you state,still no joy receiving mail ?

  interzone55 21:03 30 Apr 2006

Have you set your username & password correctly in Thunderbird?

If you haven't then it won't collect email, but will quite happily send it.

Your username is everything after the @ in your email address.

  do-gull 22:34 30 Apr 2006

TRIED EVERYTHING..... no luck .

looks like i won't be using thunderbird, ain't got time to mess about any more.


  skidzy 22:44 30 Apr 2006

If your email address ends in fsmail,i believe you cannot import this to thunderbird as its web based collection only.

Hope this helps.

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