Thunderbird Security Certificate

  Bez 22:36 12 Nov 2014

Just recently I installed Thunderbird for my emails. Everything works well. However, when receiving my mail I get a security message telling me that the 'Certificate is not trusted because it hasn't been verified by a recognised authority using secure signature.' This is only for my outgoing email. I have contacted my email host (Tesco) who informed me that there was no issue from their side, it must be some bug in Thunderbird. I'd like to get writ of this constantly appearing warning. Help please. Bez

  LastChip 03:58 13 Nov 2014

It means they haven't had the holy water poured over them! Whoever produced the certificate, it not one of the major operators that charge ridiculous amounts of money for certificates that are automatically generated in milliseconds.

Next time you see the warning, opt to view the certificate and check it ties in with what you expect. Providing you're confident it's genuine, opt for "store a permanent exception" and Thunderbird will store the certificate and trouble you no more.

I get the same problem with people that use my email servers as I produce my own certificates. They are actually more secure than the majors, as the only person in the world that has the private key is me! Once I explain the issue, everyone is happy enough to store my certificate, which is essentially the same as you're about to do.

  Batch 09:09 13 Nov 2014

Out of interest, what AntiVirus are you using?

I ask as there was an issue with Avast (which effectively sits between your email client [Thunderbird in your case] and the outside world) where Avast could give Certificate issues via the email client.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:20 13 Nov 2014

".........when receiving my mail I get a security message .............. This is only for my outgoing email."

It sounds like your Thunderbird settings aren't quite right but first you'll need to confirm whether you get that message when you're receiving or sending mail. Confirm too (if you can) whether your mail account is setup as a POP or IMAP one.

  Bez 10:27 13 Nov 2014

Thank you, 'Last Chip, Batch and Secret Squirrel, for your comments.

The warning message appears at any time while my email account is being used. There are two email addresses in my Thunderbird provider. The warning is for my pop3 account. The other one is imap and does not cause the warning to appear. However, when I fist installed thunderbird I had both accounts on imap and the notice appeared again for the Tesco account. When I read the details on the warning it said that it was the sending smtp which was at fault, it seems that there is no difference between imap and pop3 both cause the notice to appear. The cert. says that '' is unknown to thunderbird. To me it seems that 'Last Chip' made a relevant point, but how do I get rid of the notice?

  Bez 12:28 13 Nov 2014

"store a permanent exception", LastChip, makes no difference, I have clicked the button many times by now - but the warning still appears. How do I stop it???


  Secret-Squirrel 12:49 13 Nov 2014

Bez, I may be wrong but I don't think that Tesco mail supports SSL so that may be the cause of your problems. Even if they do it won't be disastrous to disable that option. Try this:

For the affected account, go to "Server Settings" and make sure that "Connection Security" is set to "None". Do the same for the outgoing (SMTP) server.

Let me know how to got on.

  Bez 23:00 13 Nov 2014

Secret-Squirrel, I have changed the connection security to 'none' and the outgoing smtp. to '' instead of ' So far it seems to have worked . Then I sent and resent messages to my two accounts and all arrived without the warning message. Thank you for persisting with your help re. my case.

This Tech Helproom is a great idea.


  LastChip 01:04 14 Nov 2014

Well done Secret-Squirrel.

To be honest, it didn't dawn on me that a major operator wouldn't use SSL, or at least give you the option to use it. How weird!

Glad it's fixed it though.

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