Thunderbird Problem

  ventanas 08:30 02 Jun 2006

After too many problems with Outlook to mention I decided to give up on it and install Thunderbird, but must have made a mistake somewhere because everytime I try to collect mail I get the message Invalid Login/password pair. I must have misspelt the password, but like an idiot I ticked the box to remember it. I cannot find anywhere within Thunderbird and option to verify or change the password. The account name is definitely correct. (Wanadoo).

There is no problem with sending mail.

I am now in the ridiculous position of being able to receive, but not send in Outlook, and can send, but not receive in Thunderbird.

Grateful for any help in finding where to reset the Thunderbird password.

  Blake7© 09:28 02 Jun 2006

In account settings, highlight your account name and click 'remove account'. Then add it from scratch again.

  ventanas 09:40 02 Jun 2006

Done that, it didn't ask me for a password again. There must be some sort of password manager or file outside of T/bird which needs to go. Unless I've missed something within the program.

  ventanas 09:42 02 Jun 2006

Just found this.

It can happen that you will find no checkbox in Thunderbird to remember passwords. To change this, you will need to edit the prefs.js file, located in the Thunderbird profile folder.

Close Thunderbird and open the prefs.js file in Notepad or another editor (make a backup copy of prefs.js first, as a precaution).
Find the following line: user_pref("signon.rememberSignons", false);
Change the value from false to true.
Close the Notepad or editor window and save changes.
On the next startup of Thunderbird you should find the checkbox for remembering the password in the password manager.

This is for a password not being remembered, but will no doubt work in reverse.

  beynac 11:02 02 Jun 2006

Go to Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Passwords.

From here you can edit the passwords or remove them.

  beynac 11:24 02 Jun 2006

You can remove but not edit.

  ventanas 11:42 02 Jun 2006

Thank you, will have a go tonight when I get home.

  Stuartli 13:39 02 Jun 2006

Have you imported your settings from Outlook (File>Tools>Import)?

It's done slightly differently in Firefox (File>Import).

  ventanas 14:04 02 Jun 2006

I told it too when it first ran, but Outlook is in such as mess on this machine that only the inbox came across. The account was blank.

I've got a few things to go with now, and an idea from VoG on how to fix Outlook, so this evening will be quite busy.

For the Outlook probs click here

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