Thunderbird Outbox

  dms05 17:15 22 Feb 2006

I've just been looking at Thunderbird for the first time. It has many fine features but I was surprised by the lack of an Outbox and I couldn't find an extension to add one to the latest version.

I always send my emails to an Outbox, before finally dispatching - it gives me time to reflect before commiting myself. Every email client I've used includes one (Outlook, OE, Opera) so is their a workround within Thunderbird?

  remind 17:28 22 Feb 2006

When composing an email, select Send Later from the file menu when you're done.

  octal 17:37 22 Feb 2006

I'm not sure if this is of any help? click here

  octal 17:39 22 Feb 2006

I'm not sure if the extension works on Thunderbird 1.5 though, some don't.

  dms05 17:41 22 Feb 2006

Thanks for that. I've just tried and it does work but is rather clunky compared to the other email client I've used - it involves opening 2 menus and a lot more key strokes than other clients. Pity because everything else, especially the Spam Filter, looked very good.

  octal 17:44 22 Feb 2006

Is remind's method better?

  dms05 17:46 22 Feb 2006

Thanks Octal. It's not quite what I wanted. It's like the standard Thunderbird 'Send Later' with refinements. Outlook etc have a simple choice in Options for 'send immediately' or 'send later' and that is a universal setting which is absent from Thunderbird.

  octal 17:53 22 Feb 2006

Understood, the only place I use Outlook is at work on an Intranet network at work, normally what happens there if I'm working on an email and close it it gets placed in my Drafts folder to either send later or continue working on it. I notice Thunderbird has a Drafts folder, would that work?

  dms05 20:11 22 Feb 2006

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I think I will have to accept that Thunderbird is different. It's a pity, as an Outbox of the type I wanted, was offered as an extension for earlier versions of Thunderbird but it's not suitable for the current release.

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