Thunderbird not Connecting to Virgin Media

  tireddad 19:45 14 Aug 2012

Although Thunderbird says it is connected to, it does not download any emails. Any one else having this problem,except me and the wife who is on a different PC with Vista while I use XP

  Woolwell 20:29 14 Aug 2012

Virgin can be quite fussy about its port settings. I think that you should be using pop.virginmedia now Check through Virgin media thunderbird settings

  tireddad 15:08 15 Aug 2012

Thanks Woolwell, but I don't want to use Virgin Media Webmail. Although I am forced to do so at the moment.

Jock1e I think you have nailed it. I get nothing on the bottom bar when I open Thunderbird, but if I click Get Mail, the bottom bar states "Connected to and remains like that untill I shut it down. Is this Virgin trying to force everyone to use Webmail. Bit like Microsoft and Internet Explorer. Illegal I seem to remember. Thanks for the replies, I have spent over an hour on hold at the 150 number.

Try again tomorrow. Heavy Sigh.

  tireddad 16:39 15 Aug 2012

Sorry Woolwell you were correct. I have kept my original Blueyonder address, but changed the pop3 and SMTP settings to, and Hey Presto a sack full of emails poured into thunderbird. The mark up another stike for the unofficial PC Advisor's. A very happy Tireddad. Thanks again.

  Woolwell 16:44 15 Aug 2012

Glad you are sorted. As you have found out the virginmedia settings do work with blueyonder addresses.

  kingie 21:21 15 Aug 2012

I am having the same problem as tired dad, I use thunderbird and same thing is happening. I read on the virgin site to change port to 110...mine currently is 995. I tired this and then my AVG popped up with a warning. As I'm not one for messing around with settings I am a bit worried I am going to make matters worse.

Can anyone help please?


  Woolwell 21:54 15 Aug 2012

kingie - You should start your own thread. I don't think that 110 is correct. Read the link in my first post.

  kingie 07:03 16 Aug 2012

Hi Woolwell

I have just tried the following as advised by someone on another forum and it has worked for me, may be useful to someone else

I have just tried the following settings on my PC with no issues.

Incoming Server - Port - 995 SSL - enabled Outgoing Server - Port - 465 SSL - Enabled Outgoing Authentication Required

Username - [email protected] Password - myemailpassword


  Woolwell 09:06 16 Aug 2012

That is the settings in my link!

  kingie 14:28 16 Aug 2012

Sorry Woolwell, I just did not see that link, otherwise would have helped me earlier

Sorry :-(

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