Thunderbird keeps losing/corrupting SMTP setting

  jack 14:59 18 Mar 2007

Thunderbird keeps losing/corrupting SMTP setting
One moment it is OK sending stuff then the next ime to send it refueses to go implicating a server problem, although this appears not to be the case.
This thencmeans I spend time in the Tools /Account settings SMPT panel- typing into the various fields all the apprpriate lines -Serber Address, username
E-mail address atnauseum. and try still it fails and so I try another way same stuff in a different order.
It may well then suddenly function for a week as it has been- but it has just gone again.
IS P help have no remedies.
The problem is listed on the Mozilla/Thunderbird forum/FAQ- but not the remedy

  jack 13:54 20 Mar 2007


  MAJ 13:56 20 Mar 2007

If it's a known problem, they'll create a fix for it, keep checking their website.

  octal 14:10 20 Mar 2007

It maybe a corruption in the profiles folder. Back up all you addresses the uninstall Thunderbird. Then delete the profile folder, you will have search for the folder because it's not removed when you delete Thunderbird. Then reinstall Thunderbird, it will ask you to create a new Profile. See if that works.

  jack 19:25 20 Mar 2007

For the umpteenth time then following Octals advice I uninstalled Thunderbird.
Reloaded and------- The same.
Looked up Thunderbird Help and one of the suggestions was- contact your ISP.
Done that, and got nowhere last time.
However the ISP's website does have a 'setting your account up' link
Here the user selects his E-mail client and pages of screenshots come up with what to click and what it should look like.
It does not list Thunderbird - but I reasoned Netscape is a close match.
Printed off the pages and followed the pictures
and it worked.
Now looking at the critical page - I can see no difference to one of the many variations I had done previously.
I have now made a screen shot of that page and clipped the whole lot together for future reference for me or one of my group..

  Snec 19:47 20 Mar 2007

Some ISPs have a restriction on port 25, mine has. This means sometimes mail can be sent easily and sometimes you have to try several times before it will go. When it failed I always got the dodgey server message.

I have no problems now since configering Thunderbird to send using port 0 rather than port 25.

Of course this might not work for you.

  jack 08:54 22 Mar 2007

Thanks for that tip.
I have penned it in on the printout mentioned- the next time it goes I'll give it a whiz.

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