Thunderbird: How to prevent dynamic change of column width when changing window width

  Batch 14:27 17 Sep 2013

Something I've only come across in Thunderbird, never in any other software - when you change the window width (e.g. from half screen width to full screen, or just drag the left or right border) the column widths in Thunderbird dynamically change.

Also, if one changes the width of a column (i.e. by dragging the column heading edge), again the columns (to the right) dynamically change size. Even worse is that if one does not revert the exact same column's width back again, but instead drag one of the other column headings, the changed sizes of other columns become their current fixed size.

Other software does the sensible thing and simply moves columns out of view / into view columns as the screen width changes (or as other column widths are intentionally changed). Is there some way of getting Thunderbird to do the same - either by some (deeply buried) setting or by an add-on?

BTW I'm using Thunderbird 17.0.8 on Win7

  AroundAgain 23:00 17 Sep 2013

I also use Thunderbird (currently 17.0.8)

I can't answer your question but it might be worth posting on this forum. There are a lot of very knowledgeable folks having in-depth knowledge of Thunderbird and associated issues.

No offence is intended to the PCAdvisor forums - just that as no help has been offered here and the above linked site is dedicated to Thunderbird, it would be a good step to take

  Batch 09:43 18 Sep 2013

Thanks AroundAgain, but already tried that and no replies there (yet). SO I asked here as I'm a regular here.

Can I ask, does my description of the issue make sense to you? I ask as I want to make sure that I'm getting my point across successfully.

  AroundAgain 13:00 18 Sep 2013

I did read it a few times, played with my Tb etc, before I really felt I understood what your issue was but that's just me being slow ;) I can't see how your description can be improved on. I think it's written ok, just an unusual issue, maybe?

I suspect people just accept how Thunderbird displays the windows and how they change when you resize the window. I've just opened WLM (which I don't really use) to check how that changes when moving the window border and can see what you mean.

Have you thought about contacting the developers somehow to see what they say? Alternatively, if you know anyone who can understand/write the programming, or yourself (?) try altering some of the programming - it's open source, of course.

Presumably you have also tried MozillaZine Forums, although a lot of the 'experts' are involved in both Thunderbird forums

Sorry not to be able to help.

  Graphicool1 14:31 18 Sep 2013

Hi, I can't see what your problem is. I use Thunderbird and I can't see that it's any different or does anything different, than other email clients that I've used previously. It does what it does, I like the way it does it and it's free.

Unless I'm missing your point and that is of course very possible. However, have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Thunderbird, just in case the problem lies with you only?

Or perhaps you could be a little more succinct in your explanation. It could be that regardless of what the last guys answer was to your question of...

"does my description of the issue make sense to you?"

It doesn't make much sense to me, it may be that it's not making much sense to anyone else either. That may be why you're not getting much of a response either here or the other place you posted.

  AroundAgain 15:56 18 Sep 2013

Graphicool1 - I understand what Batch is describing but I had to replicate it on both Tb and WLM to be sure.

If you widen the widen the window of Tb, the columns all stretch to the new width. It doesn't un-hide other columns. It still only shows the columns in the whatever width.

In Windows Live Mail, for instance, this is different. When you widen the window, the columns stay the same width, leaving a free space unless there were other columns hidden which would then show. If the window is made narrower, then columns become hidden.

I agree with Graphicool1 as to not having a problem with Thunderbird doing this and just accepted whatever is the way an email client does this.

As to why Batch prefers one way or the other isn't really the question though, is it? He would like to know if this can be changed, I think.

Probably the answer is NO, unless you can rewrite that part of the program.

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