Thunderbird email timing out

  Newuser2 16:37 02 Aug 2011

I cannot send emails. I get an error message saying the server has timed out. I get emails fine just cant send them. I've checked the setting on the account and they are the same as another email addy. I running W7. Any help most welcome

  mgmcc 09:04 03 Aug 2011

Are you saying that you cannot send any mail from Thunderbird or that you cannot send from one account?

Normally mail from all accounts in Thunderbird will be sent using the same SMTP server, which will be that of the ISP with whom you're connected to the internet. This shouldn't create a problem, unless your particular ISP only allows mail with its own email addresses to be sent from its server. BT at one time imposed this restriction which precluded the use of personal domain addresses, unless the address was registered with them.

  Newuser2 17:04 03 Aug 2011

Sorry should explain better. I have one email account for my lappy and one for the desktop. Its the desktop email thats playing up.

  mgmcc 17:15 03 Aug 2011

Is Thunderbird in the desktop configured properly with the SMTP server of your ISP, i.e. with the correct server address, port number, authentication if required, security setting etc?

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