Thunderbird email and problem opening attachments

  mesmd 02:56 22 Dec 2006

I use FF and Thunderbird as my email client.
I like Mozilla better than IE6 or 7, however, many if not all the time, when I receive an Outlook Express email having a video and or text attachment, I can't open it!!
I have contacted Mozilla and their help has not corrected this issue. What I have to do to see and open these video- text, pps, audio, etc., attachments is to forward the file to myself and open it with Netscape 7.1 or Msn. Do you know of any setting change or plugin for TB that I can use to remedy this nuisance?

Thanks very much,


  brundle 07:54 22 Dec 2006

If you use Thunderbird you aren't using OE anyway - or do you mean the problem only arises with emails sent by someone using OE? Which version of Thunderbird (it was recently updated to 1509 - click here) and Firefox is at v2.0.0.1 now (click here).

  mesmd 09:03 22 Dec 2006

Thanks for the reply, brundle.
I am using both FF and TB
I have been using the 1.5xxx and the regular small updates for over a year and do not want to upgrade yet to ver
Yes, I mean when other people send me attached text, video,and audio files in their Email to me.

I see thr attachments, howewer, they will not open even though clicking the attachment might reveal that it is a wmf., jpeg., or pps. file. The only way I can open their attachment is to forward the same email to myself and use Netscape 7.1 or MSN to take it off my server and then can process the attachment. Why can't TB do so? I should not have to upgrade to Ver for this!! I'll bet it might not work anyway with my computer!! There must be some setting, option or plugin that I need?


  brundle 09:15 22 Dec 2006

Sorry, yes TB2.0 is still beta.
I take it the sender(s) of the problem email(s) are in your address book? Do you get an error message when you try to open them, or is the list greyed out?

  mesmd 09:33 22 Dec 2006

Sometimes it is greyed out. othe times it opens only to display what the files attached are. However, clicking on those, even if they are jpeg, wmf, or pps will not open or play like they will if Netscape opens them!!

  vinnyT 12:29 22 Dec 2006

Try checking under -tools -options -attachments and see where your attachments are being stored, then use explorer (or other file management sware), find this directory (ie mine is e:\tbird attachments) and you should see all your dloaded attachments.

If you double click any of these, it should open, you may be asked which prog to use (ie you would choose to open a .jpg file in your photo sware).

Hope this helps.

  brundle 12:37 22 Dec 2006

Try vinnyT's suggestion and/or read this;
click here

  mesmd 11:26 24 Dec 2006

Thanks again to brundle and vinny T,
I think my problem is related to the following:

Unexpected handling of certain attachments

Some mail programs send attachments with the wrong content type. This can make Thunderbird handle an attachment in an unexpected way when you try to open it.

To check the content type of an attachment, select the e-mail in a folder but do not open the e-mail. From the menu bar choose View -> Message Source. Find the Content-Type header that names the attachment. Note that there might be many Content-Type headers in the message, so you must be careful to find the one that applies to the attachment you are investigating. A Content-Type header looks like:

Content-Type: application/pdf;
I can't change or correct it.
I'll just keep forwarding this stuff to myself and opening it with Netscape or MSN

I give up and don't want to screw up the things that TB is doing right!!!

Thanks to you guys for your help and time


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