Thunderbird email, integration window appears.

  bumpkin 14:14 04 Jan 2017

I am getting a window appear every time I want to check my email and have to close it first. What does it mean and how do I get rid of it. Not a real problem, just a nuisance.

  difarn 14:34 04 Jan 2017

Is your default e-mail set to Thunderbird? Control Panel, Default Programs, set default programs

  bumpkin 15:33 04 Jan 2017

Yes it is. In the window I have the options "set as default" and "skip integration" whichever I press will get it off the screen but it will be back next time.

  difarn 15:55 04 Jan 2017

If you also have an admin account have you tried setting Thunderbird as default in that and then doing it as an ordinary user?

  bumpkin 17:12 04 Jan 2017

Thanks difarn, yes I have but I still can't get rid of the thing.

  bumpkin 17:16 04 Jan 2017

If I run it as admin then I don't get the window appear but that should not be needed.

  difarn 17:51 04 Jan 2017

From looking through a few threads on other forums it may be a bug in your Thunderbird profile. If you can be bothered to work through the content of one of the fixes here is a link, comment 9 cured it for that poster. Also a link on how to access your Thunderbird profile.

click here


  bumpkin 18:19 04 Jan 2017

Thanks, had a look but don't really understand the fix "user_pref("mail.winsearch.firstRunDone", true);"

  lotvic 21:32 04 Jan 2017

To follow on from difarn's post, I haven't got the issue and can confirm that the line:

user_pref("mail.winsearch.firstRunDone", true);

is in my Thunderbird pref.js file in between the alpabetical order of lines, thus:

user_pref("mail.ui-rdf.version", 11);

user_pref("mail.winsearch.firstRunDone", true);

user_pref("", "55f80f67-8c2a-478c-b487-db3e2b470c5");

To find my pref.js I went to click here which told me to:

How to find your profile. Open Thunderbird

  1. Click on the menu button or menu bar.
  2. From the Help menu, click Troubleshooting Information.
  3. In the Application Basics section, Profile Folder, click on Show Folder
  4. The Windows Explorer window will show the name of the profile as well as the path to it.

When I clicked on Show Folder, Windows Explorer opened the folder and I could see my prefs.js which I then rightclicked on and chose Edit (then it opens in Notepad and you can edit it)

You have to close Thunderbird down before you can edit the prefs.js or else your edits won't save.

I suggest you make a copy of prefs.js and re-name the copy by adding .txt to the end so that you can go back to that should you mess up the original. Also note I have got 'show hidden files and folders ticked' so you might have to do that as well.

  difarn 09:26 05 Jan 2017

@ lotvic

Thanks. I was going to re-post the information in the link that didn't work.

  bumpkin 13:18 05 Jan 2017

thanks, I can now find it ok but what do I edit.

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