Thunderbird email client and Gmail

  wiganken2 16:04 29 Jan 2019

I have a Windows 10 laptop and a Windows 8.1 desktop PC and both have Thunderbird (TB) email client installed. On both devices TB includes my Gmail address set up to commumicate with Gmail using IMAP. I expected that IMAP would mean that both my devices would see exactly the same emails without any differences and if I delete an email using Laptop TB then it would disappear from my desktop PC TB. I find however that sometimes I can see an email on my laptop but it does not appear when I log into my desktop PC and open TB. Anyone else had this TB issue where it does not 'read' the Gmail server properly? If so then how do I fix it?

Thanks in advance.

  wiganken2 16:24 29 Jan 2019

Incidentally my TB version is v60.4.0 (32-bit).

  difarn 17:41 29 Jan 2019

I know that you say you have IMAP in GMail but have you checked that it is selected in Thunderbird?

Tools - Account Settings (choose account) - Server Settings - Server Type should be IMAP.

  wiganken2 18:04 29 Jan 2019

Yes my Server setting is using Port 993 (Default).

  lotvic 23:29 29 Jan 2019

In Server settings have you checked the box for: Check for new messages at startup

  wiganken2 11:03 30 Jan 2019

Yes I have. Thanks for your input and here is more information: -

TB on desktop (DT) PC shows 3 less emails than TB on the DELL laptop.

DT TB can ‘see’ the emails on the Gmail IMAP server but it will not download them. This shows at bottom right on TB app window where it shows ‘Unread: 0’ and ‘Total: 13’ but only displays 10 emails.

If I go on the Gmail web page I can also see the emails sitting in the Inbox but the DT TB will not download them. It cannot be an ISP filtering problem because they get downloaded to the DELL TB.

Both instances of TB have the same settings re junk controls and yet the DELL TB has downloaded these 3 emails but the DT TB has not and will not.

They are not being treated as ‘Junk’ since they are not downloading in the first place. If they had been downloaded and treated as junk then they would show in Spam/Junk or in ‘Bin’ but they are not there.

What’s going on?

  wiganken2 11:56 30 Jan 2019

I fixed it. The problem was a corrupted folder index. If anyone else has the same issue then: -

Right click on the 'Inbox' folder and select 'Properties'. Then click on 'Repair Folder'.

This fixed it and the missing messages appeared.

Thanks for your input guys.

  difarn 18:25 30 Jan 2019

Thanks for letting us know. Will "file" it for future reference.

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