Thunderbird as default

  pppc 14:05 01 Dec 2005

Help - how do I get Thunderbird to be my default email client?? I said 'yes' when I first opened it.Thunderbird says it IS the dafault, OE confirms it is NOT the default; ControlPanel/InternetOptions shows Thunderbird selected - but all my incoming email still goes to Outlook Express. I used to use Thunderbird without problems under W98 - now I have upgraded to XP and I have downloaded Thunderbird anew.

  iscanut 14:16 01 Dec 2005

Check out here..Goto Control Panel, select Internet Options, select Properties, then Programs and then make sure Thunderbird is selected as your email client rather than Outlook Express.

  DieSse 14:20 01 Dec 2005

"but all my incoming email still goes to Outlook Express"

Your incoming mail only comes into the program you tell it to. If you want it to arrive in Thunderbird - open Thunderbird and select get mail.

If you don't want to get it in OE - then don't run OE - then OE can't pick it up.

  iscanut 14:21 01 Dec 2005

Sorry, did not read your posting fully, as I see you have already gone down this route !

  Skyver 14:29 01 Dec 2005

Does OE load on it's own for email? Remove the account info in OE (or change something with account info to stop it connecting, or in Advanced, tick the `leave a copy of messages on the server` box).

  pppc 14:37 01 Dec 2005

Thank you all for your responses; Skyver's did the trick. I've just deleted the account from OE - but how could I have edited it?? And why did it behave this - it was driving me potty. many thankx again


  Skyver 14:42 01 Dec 2005

Glad you're sorted - Outlook Express/Tools/Options/Accounts, or just Tools/Accounts, select the relevant account. I can't remember precisely, I don't have OE on this system.

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