ThunderBird -any operational quirks to report?

  jack 09:38 01 Jan 2005

Although I have been using Thunderbird for a month or two and find it an excellent IE6 replacement
I do come across the odd quirk.
For example including photos in Doc or as an attachment can be a little frought at times.
This NY Eve I compiled a mail with photos.
'Sent it' but had the distinct feeling all was not well- though there we no indications -I looked in the sent box - no sign of a sent mail.
The intended recipient has not recieved it either.
So where did it go?

  octal 12:06 01 Jan 2005

I've been using Thunderbird for a few weeks, both receiving and sending various attachments without too much problem. I'm using both pop3 and IMAP accounts.

  woodchip 12:28 01 Jan 2005

To send you have to have your Account setup to send it should work like what I use Netscape as all firefox and Thunderbird are, are derivatives of Netscape they opened mozilla up to open source. click on your account in the mail program. Accounts\view settings for this account\advanced it should give you SMTP and ISP. pop is only for collection of mail

  jack 15:39 01 Jan 2005

Happy new year WC

Yes the SMTP box appears to be set up as you say

Server name ---
Port 25 [default 25]
User name - my name as elsewhere
Secure no is selected

  woodchip 15:45 01 Jan 2005

Have you more than one ISP? and are you connected to the one you are using to send mail?

  Stuartli 15:48 01 Jan 2005

The only quirk I miss is the constant requirement to keep checking for/installing critical or security updates for Outlook Express and Internet Explorer....:-(((

  Gongoozler 16:01 01 Jan 2005

Hi jack. I've been using Thunderbird for a few months now, and the only problem I've had is that when using some contacts from the Address Book it insists on changing name @ to "name" @ (spaces added by me to prevent them being treated as email addresses in the posting). I've not yet found the cause but it resulted in the emails being bounced.

Another problem I have yet to deal with is that a friends computer on which I put Thunderbird has lost the contents of Local folders, so it has no Inbox, Unsent messages, Drafts etc. He also has AVG antivirus on the computer, and I understand this behaviour can be caused by AVG quarantining the whole file when an email is infected.

Another annoying feature of Thunderbird is that its handling of messages composed offline isn't as automatic as in OE.

A very useful feature of Thunderbird I've just found is the use of CTRL+ to increase text size and CTRL- to decrease it.

  jack 17:08 01 Jan 2005

Yes only the one ISP
I note also some address quirks also the font sizing is better than guessig a font size and having to revise it if come out too large/small.

I' ll tick this fornow
Others may have something to say when everybody is back lookin in after the break

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