Thunderbird 3.0

  Astrid 18:37 05 Jan 2010

My OS is Windows XP SP3. On using my normal Thunderbird email client today, I was invited to download an update, Thunderbird 3.0. I've had no trouble with Thunderbird and have many folders and mail waiting to be attended to, but as I trusted Mozilla I downloaded the update, thinking it was similar to previous updates, which have been no problem. However, since then I've lost all messages and folders and the new version won't work. I can't send or receive messages. I tried deleting and returning to Thunderbird 2.0 but this was also very difficult and my system closed down. Have there been any other problems with Thunderbird, or was I just unlucky? Also, is there any way to remedy the loss of data?

  cocteau48 19:24 05 Jan 2010

Have a look in Documents and Settings/Your Name/Application Data/Thunderbird/Profiles and see if your mail folder is still intact.
If so you may not have lost your emails.
I would then use Mozbackup click here to back up your profile to a safe location.

Now uninstall Thunderbird and delete the above folder in Documents and Settings.

Reinstall Thunderbird 2 and again using Mozbackup restore your saved profile.

Hopefully that may work but if you have corrupted your profile then it may still be possible to save your emails by ,after reinstalling Thunderbird 2, just copying and pasting the mail folder from the saved profile into the new profile created by the new Thunderbird installation.

  cocteau48 19:30 05 Jan 2010

Just to clarify ... delete the entire Thunderbird folder under Application Data.
The reinstallation of Thunderbird will recreate a new one.

  Astrid 08:25 06 Jan 2010

Thank you for this advice. I had done this before, a long while ago, but had forgotten the procedure. It's worked, and I shall stick with Thunderbird 2.0.

  DieSse 19:52 06 Jan 2010

I think you may just have been unlucky, I downloaded and installed TB3 without incident.

And it has a number of quite nice features too - including a tabbed interface.

  Gongoozler 16:26 10 Jan 2010

I just downloaded and installed Thunderbird 3. Fortunately the day before I had backed up my emails with Mozbackup, because T'bird 3 showed all my folders, but nothing in them. Restoring from Mozbackup made things even worse, T'bird then kept trying to connect to my old ISP. The only way I got any sense was to uninstall T'bird 3, delete all the contents of my profile folder and restore it from Mozbackup, download T'bird 2 from click here and install that. Then when I opened T'bird 2 all my emails were intact, and T'bird contacted my current ISP.
I don't know if any of my proble was due to my having my profile on my D drive, but I also will be staying with Thunderbird

  Billawa 17:31 10 Jan 2010

I am using Windows 7 and have just downloaded and installed T/bird 3. No problems - all folders, addresses and mail there.

  Astrid 17:40 10 Jan 2010

There must be an explanation why some updates work and some don't. But I don't want to risk it again. I lost just a few emails while uninstalling 3.0 and reinstalling 2.0, so no real harm done, but next time I may not be so lucky.

  Gongoozler 19:00 10 Jan 2010

I suspect that a completely standard installation works, and that mine failed because I have located the profile on a different drive, but I can live without the "enhancements" of version 3. Perhaps after the next update I'll have another try.

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