Thunder & Lightening Storm WARNING & Computers !

  Giggle n' Bits 14:01 28 Jul 2006

I see this many times, if it's not a modem wether Internal or External that has blown its the computer and/or connectd equipment damaged due to a lack of knowledge what a thunder Storm can do toa machine.

Computers are Electric and so are Thunder Storms. When their is a thunder storm in your area you should never ever use your computer even if you have surge protection on the computer itself.

You may think its only thunder, thunder always has lightening associated with it, ok you may not see it but trust me its in the cloud.

So, my advise is never use your computer during a storm, buy a surge protector unit to plug in all power cords from you comptuer even printers, scanner, CRT display screens/TFT's & Modems. Anything else plug in to a surge protector.

Modems, if you going on holiday unplug your phone cable from the rear of the computer of disconnect the phone cable from the external be it Dial up or Broadband or ADSL Router.

If your out for a day or a few hours even plug it out if theres a possibilty of a storm in the area.

I am hearing ISPs will not replace their supplied Broadband modems but will charge you from £25 + ok, you may be lucky to get a replacment of ebay but a bit risky this time of year buying blind without testing the personally.

Hope this helps someone out there from loosing there equipment and data.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:09 28 Jul 2006

click here
for lightning strikes

click here

click here


  octal 16:42 28 Jul 2006

A surge protector won't necessarily protect anything click here

  Stuartli 18:24 28 Jul 2006

The last thing to do is to plug in/leave all your system and peripherals in the mains socket during a thunderstorm.

Unplugging them all will prevent strikes affecting the equipment if you just happen to be one of the unlucky ones; the plugs should be placed away from the socket area.

You've also forgotten to mention TV and FM aerial connections be disconnected.

As for "thunder being associated with light(e)ning" - now there's a thing...:-)))

Fortunately, living by the sea, any lightening we experience (and it's very few and far between) is more often than not in the form of sheet lightning.

By the way this is a definition of lightening:

click here

  Jak_1 21:39 28 Jul 2006


  rdave13 22:19 28 Jul 2006

Here is another one. Three years ago a house, two hundred yards away from mine, was hit by a thunderbalt. Cracked its gable end and cost the insurance a fortune I expect! Left my TV purple for two days!

  Stuartli 23:56 28 Jul 2006

>>Left my TV purple for two days!>>

From two hundred yards away....?

  rdave13 00:01 29 Jul 2006

Yes the screen was purple for two days. Left off most of the time and checked occationaly. It had cleared on the third day but no idea what had happened to make it so. The noise when the bolt hit the house was unbelievable and we were in the dark for quite some time :). Frightening really.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:49 29 Jul 2006

there are a lot of people who do not realise the damage that can be caused to Computers, ok TV, any electrical device but as this is a Computers Forum that why I bought it up again.

I have seen where surge protectors have done there job only thing is they need replacing when they have. Audio tone alarm or a Green Surge light enabled warning I find are best. Hate to mention names but Masterplug or Belkin I find the best warranty on.

  josie mayhem 00:54 29 Jul 2006

I know that feeling, best lacitive ever!!!!

  Bogbrain 01:57 29 Jul 2006

If you want a proper explanation of lightening and a storm tracker in real time click on this
click here

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